5 Best Ways to Convert PNG to SVG Vector File on Windows

Yes, a huge blast of images is available online that you can use for various purposes. Also, people get confuse that which would suit their taste of choice and how they can even transform the images. And, even most probably one can find best PNG to SVG converter that completely reveals how to convert PNG to SVG online.

In this informative post, we are going to reveal the basic differences between PNG as well as SVG. Also, we will shortlist basic sources that tell how to convert PNG to SVG for free of cost. Start with basics!

What is PNG?

PMG (Portable Network Graphics) is the useful raster image format that comes with lossless compression around the internet. Remember that once you save PNG raster file, the upside is that the image data will remains same, and does not lose.

What is SVG?

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is the Google-friendly Google format that cannot store pixels based on data. It lets save the coordinating info of the image. The most apparent reason of using this vector-based graphic file is that you can scale without quality distortion. This is the most appealing reason why people convert PNG to SVG vector-based image file with the assistance of PNG to SVG converter. Read on for a better understanding.

Why Convert PNG to SVG File?

Just keep in mind that SVG vector-dependent graphics are always good for logos, icons, and certain artworks. You can find that SVG files are always sharper than PNGs. Even if they come in smaller sizes, this indicated that they never ever slow down your website loading at all. Well, no matter what’s the reason behind this conversion, thanks to a free website like theonlineconverter.com that helps you to convert PNG to SVG online with the free and best PNG to SVG converter right now.

How to Convert PNG to SVG on Windows?

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You can now make a couple of clicks to export PNG as vector SVG image file with this source that provided free PNG to SVG converter. Also, you can attain image files in different other compatible formats by using this free online source. The upside is that it is fast, and even fully free for all formats conversion. However, the only neglecting reason is that this PNG to SVG converter shows a couple of ads.

How to Convert PNG to SVG with Aconvert?

  • All you need to start with searching “aconvert.com” from the source of your browser
  • Open its online PNG to SVG converter
  • Very next, browse PNG raster graphic file from your system storage and upload to its interface
  • Once you select PNG file and upload on this tool, you ought to hit on the “Go” icon and lets this converter convert PNG to vector SVG online


It is a highly recommended platform that is 100% free for all types of images as well as different other conversions. It’s PNG to SVG converter online allows you to work for batch PNG files to vector SVG image conversions. All it does is without impacting on the resultant images. Moreover, you can export SVG vector graphics into certain compatible image formats while keeping the quality high.

How to Convert PNG to SVG with theonlineconverter?

  • Open any web-dependent browser, then navigate to “theonlineconverter.com” and search their online PNG to SVG converter
  • Once reached, browser or drag and drop PNG image files that you need to export as SVG vector images online
  • Very next, hit “Convert” icon and wait for a couple of seconds to complete the conversion process
  • Press the Download zip button and save converted SVGs at once


Get online PNG to SVG converter and make transformation within a matter of seconds from the source of Convertio. This platform is also free, but allow you with limited images transformation. For unlimited file conversions, you have to account subscription plan.

How to Convert PNG to SVG with Convertio?

  • Open the webpage of convertio.com and seek for it’s PNG to SVG converter
  • Now, you ought to “Select Files” option and upload PNG file, which you wish to convert into SVG
  • Then, choose SVG from the output selection menu
  • Press convert button and save PNG as SVG vector online for free of cost


Zamzar is another free platform that is loaded with online version of PNG to SVG converter. You can now just make few taps to make SVG from PNG online. As this is an online platform, it will compatible with all devices as well as operating systems. Even no need to stick with any additional software as this is the only solution to turn PNG into SVG vector file:

How to Convert PNG to SVG online?

  • Find the “Zamzar.com” and start your conversion with PNG to SVG converter
  • Add a PNG graphic file from URL or direct browse from storage that you wish to convert into SVG, then select the SVG from the given format list
  • Now, you need to add the email address to instantly receive the converted SVG file from the best source of PNG to SVG converter. At last, tap “Convert” icon and let it commence with png to svg conversion


The developers have designed this platform to deal with art vectorization, and even it’s png to svg converter performs well for particular conversions. The process is quite simple and even it shows you the real-time preview when you export png as SVG online.

How to Convert PNG to SVG with pngtosvg?

  • Visit “pngtosvg.com” and upload png file into this png to svg converter
  • Once done, press generate button and lets it display image to vector svg conversions
  • If it’s all according to your preference, then save it by pressing the download button

However, there are different other ways to export PNG as SVG online, but they mainly involve complicated steps. Thus, we listed the best sources that require minimal effort to save PNG as SVG online as well as they are 100% free.

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