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We offer a course of basic mathematics and Management. People who have not studied basics of maths can start this course. You can get easily enroll in this program and get online classes from the best professionals of the field. Mathematics is one kind of the subjects which are important and are used in daily live tasks too. The basic level of mathematics and Management starts with the very basic techniques which makes it very easy to learn the next advance level methods

The professor of this domain is a professional and well-known teacher who is working in this filed from past two decades and know all the new and old methods and techniques of both mathematics and Management.

  • A Level- AAB GCSE Mathematics at Grade 7/A

  • IB 6, 5, 5- Minimum of 30 Points overall

  • BTEC options considered as well

  • Demonstrate a certain level of English language

Compulsory Year 1 includes: Algebra
Probability and statistics
Geometry and dynamics
Multivariate calculus and mathematical models

Compulsory core
Complex analysis
Metric spaces
Differential equations

Foundations of Business Management.
Human Resource & People Management.
Accounting and Budget Management.
Introduction to Marketing.



She is the most Professional Mathematician and serving as Mathematics and Statistics Educator at Costume College.


Lorem ipsum dJennifer Regina is working in the Management Department and Blessing up the students with her Professional Management Skills.

  • Duration of the Course is 3 hours

  • Files will be uploaded in our website

  • Different quizzes will be held on this course

  • Total Number of Students will be 235

  • Assessments can be submitted online