7 Must-Have Back to School Products Supplies – A Definitive List

School products supplies are very important factors after covid 19. Starting the new school year can stir up a range of different emotions. During this time of change, anticipation, nervousness and excitement, the last thing you want to worry about is missing out on those crucial supplies that your child needs.

The first day of school is already a time of anxiety. Making sure that your child is all stocked up on the latest supplies can, at the least, dispel some of these nerves and doubt. To ensure that you cover all bases before that big first day.

We have compiled a simple list of 7 must-have school products supplies to keep every student well-equipped for the year to come:

1. Writing Instruments for school products

These days, writing tools and instruments are not only exclusive to paper and pens. Tablet pens and other digital writing utilities now form a critical part of each student’s learning experience. Of course, pencils, biros, highlighters, and other traditional instruments are still vital and excellent additions for any pencil case.

Writing instruments aren’t used solely for school products. Investing in quality stationery also equips each student with the resources they need to complete any homework or home assignments. If they are a keen drawer, pencils can encourage illustration and creativity on the weekend.

Remember, you can always check the school’s reading list/itinerary or alternately, speak to the staff at the local stationery store for advice and recommendations.

2. Exercise Books

Although modern learning has certainly shifted toward technology and devices, exercise books remain an important part of each student’s arsenal. Regardless of the subject area, your child will need quality exercise books and notepads that last over the course of the school year.

Exercise books come in a wide variety of styles with their own distinct feel. The best course of action here is to check with your child to see whether they prefer loose leaf, binded, spiral or ruled. For maths purposes, it can also be beneficial to get your hands on a grid book that enables the easy creation of graphs and tables.

3. Student Stationery

Filling up the pencil case is one of your key priorities. Students, particularly those in primary school, will need a wide range of items for daily activities and arts and crafts. A list of stationery to look for includes pencils, pencil cases, crayons, highlighters, scissors, glue-sticks, rubbers, and rulers. Gathering this collection will ensure that your child is ready for anything that the school day might throw their way.

The latest school supplies will not only look good, and function well, but also be school products that a student can feel proud of. All stationery mentioned above is widely available and can often be obtained at affordable prices. You can also look out for any ‘back to school’ deals and discounts that might pop up. Keep an eye and ear out for online or in-store promotions from your local stationery supply store over the summer break.

4. Technology & Related Accessories

Technological advancements have completely reshaped the way that school students learn. No longer is everything printed on paper and heavy textbooks required for every different class. Each school will have their own different level of technology and unique itinerary. Obviously, this will play a significant role in the type of technology that you purchase.

Regardless, there are a variety of uniform accessories that will work well across the board. They are often inexpensive and provide value for money over the long haul of each school year.

5. Colouring Books (For Primary School Ages)

If your child is a primary school student or just about to start their prep year, finding items that combine leaning and fun is always a fantastic way to go. As colouring books come in all kinds of different topics and themes, you can match your child’s favourite interest to a range of fun colouring activities.

Colouring books work well as school products because they vary in difficulty level and style. Whether your child is advanced or just starting out, there are countless books out there for children of all levels. Additionally, they will also promote creative thinking and problem solving.

6. Art Supplies

Following on from our previous colouring book theme, the next must-have school products are brand new art supplies. This applies to students from primary to high school age. Brushes, crayons, pencils, and pastels are all great items to stock up on before the new school year begins.

Again, this is another purchase that works for both the school and home environment. Illustration is a terrific way to stimulate the mind and explore lanes of creativity. Children can draw their favourite characters, capture the nearby environment, or create entirely new worlds of their own.

7. Backpacks and Sports Gear

As they are used every day, bags are critical to the school experience. The proper comfort, functionality and capacity will equip your children with everything they need to thrive on a daily basis. Backpacks or carry bags not only have to store books, but also lunch, sports uniforms, devices, and any other random assortment of items.

Beyond backpacks, you can also invest in library bags, covers and sleeves to keep valuable school products protected. Your child will no longer have to lug around the same heavy bag to transport all their belongings.

Additional Items – USB Sticks, Hard Drives and Calculators

Sometimes it is not the major items that we forget to stock up on, but those smaller school products that end up being more valuable than we realise. USB Connectivity, for example, is vital. The transferral of digital files, assignments, study notes and school documents is made far easier with brand new USBs and hard drives. Recent advancements have increased the storage capacity within compact handheld devices.

Another area of progression is in the world of calculators. Note, this will be most relevant to children starting a new year of high school. Modern calculators come with additional features and simple functionality, making them perfect for complex mathematics.


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