Adobe has created the perfect app solutions for You

From photo editing tools to typography tools and sound effects, the industry standard Adobe Creative Suite gives creators of all sorts everything they require to make professional work quickly and efficiently for virtually every design task.

For now, let’s get graphic. If it’s designing a logo or designing social media-related graphics, or creating an attractive brochure, Adobe has created the ideal app solution using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Digital and Printing Difference

A print project is physically printed on any kind of medium (e.g. business cards, flyers packaging, t-shirts and many more). Digital products can be viewed on a monitor (e.g. banners, social media graphics, advertisements, websites, ebooks or presentations, and many more).

Vector and Raster Difference

Vector projects are an image created using lines and curves. It can be reduced or enlarged in any dimension (e.g. logos). A raster project is a picture constructed from a set number of pixels that be altered in quality when it is the image is resized (e.g. photos).

What is Photoshop Great for?

It’s really simple (hint that It’s right in its name). Yup, photos. Photoshop was initially developed as a solution to create, edit and retouching any kind of rotate image using raster. Since it was created, Photoshop has evolved a complete set of tools that permit users to do much more. Fine artists utilize Photoshop to draw, sketch , and even digitally paint. Photographers utilize it to alter and alter their photographs by adjusting their lighting and color. Production designers utilize it to create web-friendly digital images.

Photoshop is great for creating banners of all types. First of all, the rectangular button must be created using the Rectangle tool (Rectangle-looking button on the toolbox). After clicking and dragging your rectangle to fit your desired button size, you can also choose the color of the button.

Use Of a app

You must create your logo. Because they are used in at a multitude of different locations Logos have to be resizingable. Photoshop isn’t designed to produce vector art therefore, unless you’re looking to go through a myriad of complicated solutions the images you create will be in a single size. If you want to increase the size of them, they’ll be blurred or “blurry,” making them unsuitable to print.

How do I make use of Illustrator?

Illustrator is Adobe’s magical vector-image machine. This means that any design designed using Illustrator could be scaled down to tiny favicon thumbnails, or gigantic Times Square billboards–all without losing any of the quality or adding strange pixels. The design you create in Illustrator can look exactly the same on an official business card or bus wrap. It’s the perfect logo’s companion.

Use of a app

Editing images is required. If an image that is raster (photo or work) is used as part of compositions, Illustrator has few tools to modify the image directly. Photoshop can perform more thorough adjustments such as brightness, contrast, and color.

You must produce multi-page files. One-pagers can be handled by Illustrator with ease but for anything greater, InDesign is the best way to go due to features like page numbering master page templates and improved text layout capabilities.


Want great work? Utilize the right tool. Are you looking for a kick-ass, stunning, astonishing work? Learn how to blend all of the capabilities that come with Photoshop and Illustrator. The two apps can combine seamlessly to create stunning designs that will blow anyone away.

After you’ve identified the application you require for your project, make yourself an expert in what it can do so that you can get more efficient at work and start making more flexible, top-quality designs.

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