Candy Packaging Trends That Show your Product Off

With time, the candy market is witnessing its rise. From hard candies to gummies, the candy market nowadays is huge and vast. In the market, you will find on one side the legacy brands such as Hershey’s and Mars. And on the other, you will get a new name who are ready to take on the market. In addition to this, some of the names in the market are treating to get their share in the candy market. Though they are traditionally in the said market. As a candy brand, you would be aware of the role of candy packaging. The packaging sets your product apart from the competition. Thanks to custom candy packaging that increases the shelf life of your product. Admittedly, these boxes will you a lot in your business. Consider these candy packaging trends to excel in the market.

The Candy Industry is Changing and Growing

Change is constant in life. The same is the case with the candy business. As this is growing and rising for good. Today, candy aisles are busy. However, there is something unique that is pulling more and more customers. The rising competition and health concerns have thoroughly changed the market. Now those who meet these demands can succeed in this business. Not only this, how you present your product to the customers also matters a lot. The better your display is, the better it is for your brand to get fame.

How to Meet the Latest Packaging Trends

In order to meet the demand, more brands are using healthy candy options. For this, they are using locally sourced and organic ingredients such as low sugar, fruits and nuts, and even sugar-free. Moreover, there is also a growing market for nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and keto-friendly treats. Using these ingredients really attracts customers who follow a free-from lifestyle.

You may have noticed some food brands are coming up with their own candy options. The ingredients they use to make customers eat guilt-free. Since they are still candies and appeal to their customers for an indulgent treat.

Another marketing trend that is changing the market is environmental sustainability. A part of this campaign is the eco-friendly/green candy packaging. Fair-trade issues and sustainable company practices surround the products such as chocolates. Customers prefer to buy those things that they can feel good about. As a result, they advocate the brand that does its part in this holy campaign.

Win your Customers with Flexible Packaging

The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the sale of candies along with other things. That pulls new brands into the arena of the candy market. The same was the case with candy packaging options. However, one custom candy boxes packaging that rises above the rest is flexible packaging. No surprise, this type of packaging is gaining support in the candy market. It allows 360 degrees of marketing. What else is that it is unbreakable, lightweight, and comes with many options such as reseal and stand-up. On top of that, the material of this packaging is eco-friendly and reusable.

Types of Flexible Packaging

Following are the three types of candy packaging.

1: Stand-Up Pouches

These pouches are a very popular choice for premium packaging. They are equally suitable for both small and large size candies. The multi-serving shareable pouches and bags along with resealing technology keep the candy fresh. Moreover, since they stand up, you can easily snack, pour and scoop them from the bag.

2: Rollstock

Rollstock is one of the favorite choices for small and large candies. This type of flexible packaging is economical and lightweight. Additionally, it is more helpful for advertising your brand. In short, it helps your business on multiple levels.

3: Lay-Flat Pouches

These pouches are more suitable for large size candies. You can create them with clear windows. That helps customers to have a glimpse of the candy inside. Luckily, they are also lightweight.

Digital Printing on Candy Packaging

Everyone knows an appealing design of packaging strengthens your brand presence. Moreover, it is also a determinant in ascending the brand value. But great style does not come on its own. You need wise and clear printing to give life to the printing. Here comes the role of digital printing. It helps create bright colors, high-impact graphics, and 360-degree candy packaging designs. Besides that, you can print logos, brand names, images, and nutritional info. Digital printing is a way you can communicate with your customers.

As well, digital print also benefits you in quick turnaround time, low minimum orders, and multi-SKU runs. With its help, you can easily get custom packaging in every size and style.

Pairing with Packaging Experts

Packaging a product is not an easy task. Especially after this hard competition, things require now mastery and expertise. Candy packaging also demands the same rules. If you want to get packaging for your gummy candies, and hard candies, pair them with candy packaging manufacturers. Their experts are aware of the market trends and will make something special for you. Tell them about your brand and product. They will translate your thoughts on these boxes in the best stylish way.

Innovative Candy Packaging Grabs more Customers

Novel and unique things always attract customers. In the ocean of the same products, an island-like different product can get the love of customers. The packaging makes candies unique and looks different. Unique designs, bright colors, and novel formats make your product stand out in the market. These things invite more and more customers to shop these wares.

As it is said, the first impression is the last impression. The packaging of candies is the first interaction between your brand and customers. The more beautiful the packaging is, the better it is. Many polls indicate customers buy products because of the packaging. Once they like the packaging, they are more likely to purchase that item. You can achieve this only by making your product look different.

When it comes the making your product different, custom candy packaging does the magic for you. You can do this in several ways. For example, use inspirational taglines, enchanting styles, proper color schemes, and details about the product. Not only this, unique container orientation, interesting textures, and transparent materials differentiate your product from others.

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