The Best New Tricks to Organize Tabs on Chrome 

Being organized increases productivity, that’s well understood, so here’s how to organize your Chrome Browser Tabs. 

Tab Groups 

Chrome now lets you group open tabs together. You can group them up any way you need to. All you need to do is Hold down the “CTRL” on windows and “CMD” on iOS and click on the tabs you want to group together.

Once you have the tabs highlighted, ‘Right-Click’ the mouse, and from the drop-down menu, just click “Add Tabs To A New Group”.  

There you have it, you can choose the name of the group if you want to save the group of tabs for later. Chrome even lets you customize the Group Tab icon, so you can color-code your tab groups if you need to.

Grouping the tabs together hide the open tabs and give you a lot of space to expand the other tabs so you can see them better. You can even close the entire group of tabs with a single click, once you’re done using them. 

How many of us can honestly say we haven’t tried to organize our daily lives. It’s the reason we get so anxious seeing papers thrown about the desk, or the bunch of twisted cables sticking out of the Spectrum Tv choice Cable Box.  

Start Where You Left Off 

Chrome allows users to start their browsers with the same tabs they had opened before they closed the browsers the last time they used it. This has been a long-time feature for many web browsers, but chrome does it better. It’s a lot more seamless and integrated.  

When we say integrated, we are of course referring to the feature in chrome that allows users to share their search history and open tabs across all devices.

What this means for the lucky ignorant users is that they can continue their browsing journey without being confined to a particular device. As long as they are logged into chrome with the same credentials, they can use any device to continue their browsing. 

Pin Your Tabs 

This may not seem like such a handy feature, but this little added advantage is what puts chrome a cut above the rest in my opinion. You can now ‘Pin’ the tabs that need to be open, always.

You don’t need to worry about hiding them up in a group, or accidentally closing them. If you pin a tab, a small icon for the tab moves and is pinned to the left-most corner of the Tabs row on your browser. 

To pin a tab, simply ‘Right-Click’ the tab, and click ‘Pin’. The Tab Icon immediately becomes smaller and is moved to the left-most corner of the window. You cannot close a pinned tab. To close the pinned tab, first, it needs to be ‘Unpin’. To unpin a tab, ‘Right-Click’ the pinned tab and click ‘Unpin’. Once unpinned, you are free to close the tab if you like. 

Bookmark Folders 

Even if chrome didn’t have any other features, this one alone would have been enough to outshine the best.

So then, what is Bookmark Folders? if you have a set of tabs you use together, suppose your university portal, and email bookmarked folders will open both these tabs with a single click.  

This means starting your day could not have been easier. Imagine walking into work and just with a single click be able to open all the tabs you. A total game-changer. To set up a bookmarked folder, there are a couple of ways of doing it, so focus on up. 

The easiest way to set it up is open all the tabs you want in the folder. Once all your tabs are open, click on the Three-Dot Menu icon on the Right corner, scroll down to the ‘Bookmarks’ menu, and wait for the pop-up menu, on the pop-up menu, click ‘Bookmark All Tabs’. Once you have Bookmarked the Folder, you will be able to see it on your bookmarks row on the browser. To open the folder, ‘Right-Click’ the Folder and click ‘Open All Tabs’. And that’s as helpful as they could be. 

Tab Audio 

Almost every page has an ad these days. Most of which start with uninvited audio announcements. Well although chrome ad blockers are good, these annoying ads do get frustrating.

Here’s the workaround cure. You can either mute each tab from the top row of the browser, where they show a tiny speaker icon. Clicking the speaker icon will mute the content. 

Another way of managing AV content on Chrome is the little AV icon that’s placed next to the search bar in chrome. From here you can easily mute, play/pause, skip or replay all your AV content. 

Using some or all of these nifty tricks can and will change the way your work on chrome. Keep in mind, however, managing tabs in groups can lead to longer load times. But honestly, with a good stable connection, you can’t even tell. 

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