Effective Content Marketing Actions To Get Leads

One of the objectives of any business is to obtain valuable information from potential customers in order to be closer to the sale is content marketing. But, through what techniques or strategies can this process be speeded up? The contents of a blog can attract traffic. But this is not enough to retain them and motivate them to continue moving down the conversion funnel. They must find on your website some leads valuable content that they can download in exchange for leaving their data.

Taking into account the importance of content marketing to get leads, we are going to clarify some important issues in this post. So you can learn how to generate quality leads in your business.

What is a lead, and what is lead capture based on?

Companies face the daily challenge of getting customers since these are the basis of their business. But, for this, it is necessary to go through a process in which the target audience can be understood and know in what phase of the funnel they are.

For the simple fact that you tell your audience to buy from you, they will not do so unless you give away or offer something else.

Hence the importance of applying content marketing strategies to capture quality leads and, thus, generate more trust.

Definition of quality lead

A lead is a potential customer who has shown interest in consuming a product or service from your business. The moment a user leaves their data to receive an offer or to subscribe to a newsletter to receive more information, they become a lead.

But are all leads worth the same? Of course not. In fact, there are quality leads because they are more likely to convert. This means that they are very compatible with the profile of the company’s ideal client. And that’s where it’s worth focusing on.

Lead generation definition

To attract your potential customers, you must first offer them informative and educational content. Then you’ll need to push them to a contact form, and then when they’ve already become subscribers. Then you’ll be more likely to tell them who you are and how you can help them.

In this sense, the generation of leads consists of a technique that seeks to expand the database of a brand. In other words, it is about increasing the contacts of customers who are interested in buying your products.

These show your interest at the time you leave your personal data, such as your phone or email address. Therefore, lead generation is a process that begins with attracting visitors to the web and then directs that traffic to a landing page with the aim of obtaining new contacts. At that point, the user is offered valuable content in exchange for their data.

How to get quality leads?

A lead generation strategy implies taking into account a series of elements. Among them are a landing page, a form, an offer, and a call to action.

All of these must work together since it is worthless to have a landing page with an attractive design if the offer says nothing. Because, for example, its copy is poor or the call to action is not located in the right place.

Note: A landing page is a key tool for capturing leads. It is a landing page that guides the user to a site to download valuable content for free in exchange for offering their personal data. And just to facilitate this exchange, there are landing pages.

Content marketing actions to generate leads

Below, we show you some specific actions within the content marketing strategy that will help you increase the number of leads for your business.

To do this, you should focus on making the offer irresistible. These are the different formats you can use:

Create videos

Video marketing is one of the most important parts of contently marketing. We consume videos every day. Create videos, especially short videos to attract your audience. There are many tools can help you with that. FlexClip is one of my favorite video creation tools that may be helpful to you, too.

Write your own ebook

It is about delving deeper into a topic that is interesting to your audience (30-50 pages) and accompanying it with visual content so that it is enjoyable and easy to read.

This informative content must generate enough interest. So that the user feels motivated to make that exchange (and, of course, fulfill what it promises).

Launch a course

Launch courses on a topic that your audience would like to learn. Ideally, you should launch a shortened version of the course so that those interested know what it is about. And then they will subscribe to the paid version if they like it.

Create an audiobook

Another format similar to the ebook is audiobooks. Take advantage of the boom in podcasts. These have a great acceptance since you can do any activity while listening to them.

Share downloadable templates

These are one of the resources we use the most at Esfera Creativa to get leads. It is a downloadable or a base model that the user can customize to suit their needs.

Send newsletters or newsletters

The more you personalize your newsletters, the more special recipients will feel. So let your subscribers choose what specific content they are interested in and how often they want to receive that exclusive information.

Offer discounts and promotions

Discount coupons continue to be a strategic action to capture leads, especially for those who have an online store.

If a special date is coming, and you want to increase your database with quality leads, in your campaigns, you can use hashtags on your social networks to promote attractive discounts.

Give evergreen and live webinars

It is interactive content in which conversations are generated in real-time between the speakers and the attendees.

The idea is that to attend, they must do so by registering, where they give their data in exchange for the link to enter the event, with the date and time, and then receive more valuable content related to it.

Develop tools

Users value being educated with specific content in the area that interests them. But if you want to go a step further, something they will love is that you create specific tools to solve their problems.

We see an example with SEMrush, which has created a variety of tools to help businesses position themselves on the Internet.

Run contests on social media

Contests through social networks are not only intended to generate leads to increase the database. In addition, they are another strategy to generate engagement and gain visibility.

So take advantage of the potential of contests and offer an attractive prize to motivate users to participate.


In a lead generation strategy, content is one of the most important things to attract leads. And the fact is that if users find it valuable and interesting, they won’t hesitate to leave their data to obtain a downloadable file that makes their lives easier.

It is important that you know your audience well because that way, you will know which formats will work best. But I advise you to try all the ones I just mentioned and let the readers choose which ones they feel most identified with. Only then will you know what formats your ideal customer profile prefers to apply to your business and increase your database.

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