Chiropractic Outperforms Medicine for Neck Pain

During the chiropractic treatment, patients lie on their back and the Fremont Chiropractor manipulates the neck vertebrae using gentle, non-thrust movements. This stretches and eases fixations and restricted motion in the neck. Many chiropractors use an oscillatory movement with their hands during this procedure. There are several different types of cervical mobilization. Here is a look at some of the most common ones:

Chiropractic treatment for neck pain

A 2012 Gallup poll found that chiropractic treatment for neck pain outperformed medicine. The poll, commissioned by Palmer College of Chiropractic, surveyed 5,442 U.S. adults about their preferences for pain relief. The findings coincide with another study, which followed 272 patients with neck pain for 12 weeks. The study found that chiropractic treatment is more effective than medication in relieving neck pain, and it is a safer option.

In this randomize control trial, patients with neck pain were randomize to manipulation with heat or EMS versus mobilization alone. Treatment is continue for 6 months after the onset of symptoms. The participants is assess for pain and disability at 2 and six weeks and at three and six months. The population is comprise of 90 000 to 110 thousand health care network members in Southern California. Chiropractors were on staff at four clinics.

Among the three treatment approaches chiropractic care is found to relieve neck pain more effectively than medicine. The study compared the effectiveness of chiropractic care versus medications, and found that it outperformed both drugs and exercise. The chiropractic approach to treating neck pain is more effective than simple exercises and home remedies. But it’s not just the chiropractic technique that is effective in relieving neck pain. It also addresses the cause of the problem.


While chiropractic treatment may not be for everyone, the results are impressive. The study is publish in the Annals of Internal Medicine, one of the top cited medical journals. The journal’s duty is to publish articles that advance science or promote good medical care. Unfortunately, this article promoted chiropractic spinal manipulation as a cure for neck pain. This article is report by The New York Times, which extoll the benefits of spinal manipulation.

Studies have also shown that chiropractic treatment for neck pain outperforms traditional medicine. This was a randomized, controlled trial, where subjects received standardized manipulations over a six-week period. Compared to medications and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), chiropractic treatment for neck pain has more therapeutic effects and is less costly. However, many people don’t want to pay the extra money or risk the side effects of other medications.

The study included patients with chronic neck pain who were suffering from acute and sub-acute pain. The HE group received spinal manipulation, home exercise and postural instructions. In both groups, patients receive a significant reduction in pain and most secondary outcomes is also improve. The researchers also found that chiropractic treatment was more effective than physical therapy for chronic neck pain. This study should help physicians and patients make more informed decisions.

Risks of chiropractic manipulation

Although the risk of stroke is greater after spinal surgery and NSAIDs than after a chiropractic manipulation for neck pain, there are some other risks involved. These include local primary bone tumors, which may weaken or reduce the strength of a bone. However, a doctor who is well-traine may have more skill and finer psychomotor control. For these reasons, a doctor may choose another method of treatment.

A high-speed upper-neck manipulation is associate with a greater risk of artery injury. In a survey conducted at the Hospitals of the University of Strasbourg, France, doctors reported a vascular injury incidence 30 times higher than reported in medical journals. Although such a complication is rare, it is still worth noting, especially if the patient is driving for more than one mile to their chiropractic office.

Chiropractic Manipulations

There are several types of chiropractic manipulations, and many people have had positive results from them. When performed by a qualified Fremont Chiropractor, neck adjustments are safe. The Fremont Chiropractor should focus on neck alignment instead of “cracking” it. In addition, the Fremont Chiropractor should use a precise instrument rather than “cracking” the neck. This type of adjustment is usually perform by upper cervical chiropractors. However, there is a possibility that chiropractic manipulations can cause blood vessel strain, which is why it is better to have more than one tool in your bag than one technique for neck pain.

Although this association has report in many publish studies, there is a debate about its actual effect. While some neurologists have argued that cervical manipulations can cause strokes, manual therapists argue that the risk is insignificant. Evidence from retrospective case-control studies, survey questionnaires, and case series has been gathered. This makes it hard to determine the exact causal relationship between manipulations and stroke. It is possible that the association may be a coincidence, however, and it is best to consult a doctor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

Although spinal manipulation is highly recommended as a treatment for neck pain, it is also associated with serious risks. These complications can include permanent disability and even death. The best way to ensure that you are not at risk after a chiropractic treatment is to consult with your medical and chiropractic colleagues who have a low threshold for risk. Further, MRI and CT scans can be used to evaluate risks before any procedure. A case report by Tarola and Phillips describes a patient who went to the emergency room before chiropractic manipulation. The manipulation was stopped after an MRI revealed a vertebral artery dissection.

Another Risk

Another risk of chiropractic manipulation for neck pain is cerebrovascular artery dissection. This can occur in a chiropractor’s office or in the comfort of your own home. Luckily, cerebrovascular artery dissection is uncommon after chiropractic manipulation, but it can lead to severe adverse outcomes. One study found that nine hundred and fifty people experienced cerebrovascular artery dissections after a chiropractic manipulation. In that case, only one patient died, which makes this risk of cervical manipulation in patients high.

Effectiveness of chiropractic treatment

Chiropractors have long emphasized the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for neck pain. This is a fact, as evidenced by a recent study. This study reviewed 512 patient records of patients with uncomplicated mechanical neck pain. The majority of these patients used other health care services, including massage, prescription medication, and physiotherapy. Acupuncture is also commonly use. However, the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for neck pain was not significantly affect by age or number of years of practice.

A study of low back pain found that chiropractic treatment reduced disability and prevented misalignments. It also decreased stress. A Fremont Chiropractor adjustment calms the system, similar to other mind-body therapies. Despite these benefits, many patients still wonder about the effectiveness of chiropractic. However, the study did uncover some intriguing findings. In the meantime, many people reported that chiropractic care helped them overcome neck pain. That’s why chiropractors have a great deal of faith in their practice.

Help Relieve Symptom

Chiropractic treatment for neck pain can help relieve symptoms of chronic pain, migraines, and joint problems. Studies show that one in five adults will experience neck pain at some point in their lives. A Fremont Chiropractor may be able to help these patients reduce their symptoms and return to work pain-free. Moreover, the chiropractic approach can even help those with chronic pain such as sciatica, depression, or asthma. And the benefits are worth the effort.

While chiropractic care does have some risks, these are minor and rare. Some patients may experience soreness a day after the adjustment, as the muscles recover from the sudden movement. However, there is no immediate complications associate with chiropractic treatment. Most patients who receive chiropractic treatment report minor discomfort. Some people may also experience fatigue or pain in the areas treated. These are not serious injuries and will eventually go away. If you do experience a reaction to chiropractic treatment, it is probably a side effect of the treatment.

A study from the CAHPS National Database found that chiropractic treatment for neck pain had a similar effect as other types of therapy. More Fremont Chiropractor should practicing this treatment method, because exercise therapy is proven to be effective for chronic conditions. It also has some important limitations. Despite the positive effects, chiropractic treatment is still a good option for many people with neck pain. You might be surprised by the results. So, before you go see a Sunnyvale Chiropractor, check out this article!

Direct Cause of Stroke

One study found that chiropractic manipulation can lead to stroke. It was not a direct cause of the stroke, but the correlation was striking. It seems that a stroke can happen to anyone, but a stroke can be related to neck pain. The American Chiropractic Association says that a chiropractic stroke is extremely rare. Further study is need to establish the link. However, a study from 2008 in Canada showed that patients who had chiropractic manipulation suffered stroke after the treatment.

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