Hoverboard with Bluetooth and LED Lights

Here, too, some observers wonder what the point of a hoverboard with Bluetooth is. A distinction must be made here between two types, segway hoverboard with handle which on the one hand are about media use and on the other hand about fine adjustments and data evaluation via the app. If the E-Board has an integrated Bluetooth speaker, the movement is particularly fun. Via an app connection, it is also possible to call up data on speed and range as well as on the duration of use.

Range and speed

comes to range and speed, the focus is on the terrain in which the hoverboard is used; at home, in the skate park, or on a longer track in long-distance mode. If the main focus is on the reversibility of the e-board, and this is primarily used for choreography, speed plays a rather smaller role.. An example is the Hoverboard Rob Way W3. With its 36-volt Samsung battery, it manages a range of between 15 and 20 kilometers. The maximum speed is 15 km/h. Another factor is the climbing ability, which is 15 degrees on the Rob Way W3. As a result, it also copes well uphill.

Buy Hoverboard: Pay attention to brand quality when buying!

On the Internet, there are countless price crackers that advertise cheap hoverboards. Here the motto is Eyes open and fingers away! Some of these boards do not meet domestic standards and carry great dangers, especially in the battery area. Therefore, buyers should rather rely on tested quality. If you want to buy a hoverboard cheaply, you will find the right solution in a Rob way. The patented technology bears the seal “German brand quality” and promises maximum safety. In addition to the high-quality battery cells, powerful drives, and the self-balance system, the model-specific Robway app is another criterion. With Next Day delivery, we guarantee that our customers will receive the goods as quickly as possible. Should technical problems occur or an exchange is desired, our workshop and service teams will help immediately. Quality inspection ensures that the delivered Rob ways meet our high standards and meet the latest market technology.

Hoverboarding How to get started

The hoverboard as a means of transport should always be treated with respect. This applies not only to beginners but also to advanced learners. Before the ride begins, it is advisable to check the E-Balance board for its functionality. If no technical impairments can be detected and the battery is sufficiently charged, driving pleasure can begin.

Pay attention to a firm state at the beginning

Even before the first ascent, the patented technology of our Robway hoverboards comes into its own. When switched on, the treads automatically straighten up and ensure a stable standing surface. Now it is time to first enter the e-board with one foot; and as centrally as possible. It’s like trying to stand on one leg. Subsequently, the rise of the other leg shifts the entire body to the hoverboard.

Posture on a hoverboard

Not everyone finds it easy to stand on a hoverboard. So it can happen that the body’s own reflexes lead to convulsive postures in order to maintain balance. A simple comparison is now helpful: just imagine entering the first step of a ladder and stopping. Here, too, it is possible for us to find a firm footing freely and without major fears.

Cornering training First driving tests with the self-balancing board

In a calm posture, it is now time to maintain balance. By means of the foot position and the slight shifting of the body’s center of gravity, the E-Board controls the corresponding direction. If the right foot tilts slightly forward, the E-Board steers to the left. The same movement with the left foot leads to a shift to the right side. In order to quickly get used to the driving experience, . In the small turning radius, one learns to better assess the ability to react. To do this, it is enough to load the desired side over the respective foot and tilt the other foot slightly forward.

Driving straight ahead and braking

Slight prevention allows the hoverboard to move forward. The stronger the angle of inclination, the faster the Rob way becomes. In the beginning, it is advisable to move in the slow speed range and practice braking. This is achieved by leaning back slightly and returning to an upright posture.


To drive backward, you have to shift your body’s center of gravity backward. In order for the hoverboard to come to a standstill or to finish the backward movement, a slight counter-movement to the front must be carried out.

Hoverboard movement sequences

In a nutshell, a hoverboard reacts to weight shifts as follows:

Drive forward: Body tilt goes forward.
Reversing: Standing posture shifted to the rear.
Curve to the left: Tilt the left side with the left foot weaker than the right side with the right foot.
Curve to the right: Tilt the right side with the right foot weaker than the left side with the left foot

Tips for climbing and settling in: Aids such as railings or support by a second person are welcome measures to find the right stand on the E-Balance board. Practice in open space and start with easy cornering and low speeds.

Where can I ride a hoverboard?

However, the situation is different on a private property; regardless of whether it is gardens, courtyard entrances or park and commercial areas. If the owner agrees, nothing stands in the way of driving fun with the hoverboard.

Skate parks and leisure areas

Again, there are exceptions that allow the use of hoverboards. If driving with the E-Balance Board on leisure areas is not expressly prohibited, there is usually nothing against the free ride.

Consultation and consideration

An open-minded and friendly attitude towards fellow human beings in this place also helps to get an OK.

Buying tip: Off-road hoverboards expand the scope of use. If there are lawns and unpaved areas on the site, it is worth buying an off-road hoverboard.

Target groups have hoverboards been developed?

Hoverboards are particularly popular with adolescents and young adults, but there are also more and more user groups in childhood and older adulthood.

A good sense of balance is an advantage

You already have previous experience in the areas of inline skating, ice skating, skiing, surfing or skateboarding, it is usually easier to get started with the hoverboard. different types of stakeboards if you have a good sense of balance, you will quickly find your way around the E-Board.

Self-assessment of responsiveness must be correct

At speeds of up to 15 km/h, a good perception should be present. Similar to skating or inline at high speed, you have to be able to react quickly. Uneven ground, sudden movements of third parties or obstacles call for immediate action. Those who are aware of this fact can devote themselves completely to the new hobby of hoverboarding.

Recreational and competitive athletes

An aspect that has only been briefly mentioned so far is the training effect that driving with the hoverboard causes. When performing different movement sequences. The sense of balance can be specifically trained, which can also improve the ability to react.

Hoverboards are less recommended for these groups

In addition to strength and endurance, riding a hoverboard requires general physical fitness. People with chronic complaints and other preexisting conditions should therefore rather avoid the hoverboard. These groups include groups of people with

Back problems
severely impaired vision
Posture problems
Balance problems

If you still do not want to do without a comfortable locomotion with electric drive, you will find it in our category E-Scooter.

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