How will an MBA Help you in your Business strategy

Here are some point that will make your MBA helpful in your Business Strategy.MBA also known as Master of Business Administration is an two-year full-time degree. That covers different general management and business practices that are based on real-world situations. The MBA degree is among the most sought-after master’s programs for the field of business as well as administration.

Strategy in MBA

They are also known as their risk-taking and being innovative. Although this is true, Liliana said that her MBA education also prepared her for the future. “My MBA education helped me personally put all of the pieces together in a clear go-to-market strategy and implementation plan:. From an idea in 2014 to a product approved by 450 Whole Foods stores in 2016.”

Execution in MBA.

Furthermore, Kirana said that in order to get the trust of large corporations like Whole Foods,. She had prove that she was well-organized and able to carry out. “Large public companies with national reach like Whole Foods and UNFI have an extremely structured approach to business. And have a low tolerance for non-compliance operating errors, in completions, and inadequate planning. These are the things smaller companies are known for. It’s not enough just to make a good product anymore to be able to compete with the major players. The most efficient operational methods not only opened lots of opportunities for us,. And helped us gain competitive advantages however, they also helped us save a lot of money.”


Sweetie kirana is unique because the founder, as well as her two employees working. At the headquarters are women who all hold an MBA. When I inquired with Liliana about this, she replied that she loves having the opportunity to work with MBAs. “Because they are great problem solvers, fast learners, and can see the big picture.”

Set of skills.

In the end, I was interested about how her employees at headquarters. Consider their MBA has assisted them in their jobs. Olga Kerr, the CMO said how her MBA has equipped her “with the necessary knowledge and experience. Which allow her to evaluate and address any challenge, however difficult it could be. The field of marketing is evolving rapidly that knowing. How to change and keep up-to-date is a huge advantage in the industry.

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