Las Vegas: A Weekend Trip to Remember!

Las Vegas has been my priority destination to fly with my husband. Las Vegas is known as a place of extravagance, with so many alternatives for cuisine, clubs, entertainment, and more. With your partner by your side, finding stuff to do in Vegas could be interesting. A weekend at this magnificent place is enough time to view the top tourist attractions and have an unforgettable experience. T

hen after your weekend break in Vegas, I assure you will be glad to return home and resume your daily routine. Vegas is overwhelming, intensely pleasurable, and all-around an adventure. I have been wondering about this place for a long time. And when I heard that JetBlue has organized my vacation here, I was excited. JetBlue has been my travel airline for many years. With its british airways manage booking feature, flying with this carrier is so relaxing. Let us now see what things we explored in the beautiful place of Las Vegas!

The Planning of our Trip

We do not like to take any hassle while going on a trip. Hence, planning my trips is extremely important for us as we believe it will save us a lot of time. Before heading out to any destination, we plan out our itinerary in detail. However, with JetBlue, it was so quick in booking our tickets and hotels. This carrier had always planned most of my journeys very quickly with easy manage booking. I got to know about the best deals for my Las Vegas vacation from its official website. However, we book our flights in Economy cabin which was then upgrade to Business Class by its manage booking option. Thus, JetBlue was a savior for us!

Welcome to Las Vegas Folks!

Whether you are traveling or arriving in Vegas, the “Welcome to Las Vegas” signage will undoubtedly be your initial stopover. This is by far the most touristic attraction in Las Vegas. This sign can be find off of Sunset Rd, which is where the “Las Vegas Strip” begins. Make it your first stop on your weekend journey, since we were also greet warmly by this lovely location. Let us now see what all activities we did after checking in at our hotel.

Dining and Dancing

When you reach Vegas, you will most likely be starving, and nothing says Vegas like a buffet dinner—you can’t really go without eating at buffets in Las Vegas. When you reach Vegas, you will most likely be starving, and nothing says Vegas like a buffet dinner—you can’t really go bad without never food.

The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesar’s Palace has won numerous awards for the finest buffet, and we found it to be rather tasty. This place’s primo meat counter, including its seafood station, is where you will receive the most value for the money. Return to your hotel after dining to get dress for the evening and to leave off those delectable midnight munchies! Because nightclubs really aren’t active every night, you must explore which one you would like to visit and confirm that it is open on the evening you plan to visit. We visited Omnia nightclub on our first day of the trip and had a great night of our lives with all the late-night party scenes!

Took a Ride at The High Roller

Take a spin on the tallest ferris wheel in the world! The High Roller offers spectacular sights of the strip and needs 30 minutes to complete a full circuit. The cabins can accommodate up to 40 individuals, with seats on both sides and plenty of room to stand in the center.

Try to organize your visit so that you can see the sunset from up there—breathtaking and almost as beautiful as a beachfront setting. I’ve taken the High Roller with my husband and my friends a fair few times now, and everybody loved it!

You may even book the happy hour cabins for a 30-minute excursion that includes an open bar. Visiting this lovely roller coaster was one of the most memorable experiences of our lives.

A Pool Day for Us at Mandalay Bay Resort

Relax by the pool, treat your hangover, and have some heat and drink. We chose to spend our time at Aria’s relatively calm pool instead of their more lively pool. We skipped the clubby pool since we were tire of the noisy DJ playing at the bar the night before. With the second evening in Vegas, ordering room service or having lunch by the pool is really a nice idea. If you’re searching for a stunning pool, the Mandalay Bay Resort is the place to go.

Plan Your Night Out at Eiffel Tower

At the Paris Hotel, begin your night with a trip up to the Eiffel Tower. It’s absolutely crazy, but it’s a lot of fun, and it reminded us of our anniversary in Paris. The views were spectacular, and I certainly recommend in the evening to see the sunset from the top. The Bellagio Fountain Show is just a must-see in Vegas—everyone goes at least once! There’s just something with water and lighting that seems so appealing here.

Concluding Things Up!

When we were about to leave Las Vegas, I was really happy with all we explore. From delicious meals to night-outs to gambling at clubs, everything was fun here. A must visit for all those couples who are party animals like us. Not to forget, I could not thank more to JetBlue for making my trip a memorable one. With JetBlue manage flight option, I was upgrade to Business Class as me and my husband needed to experience this for a long time. It was an easy process and took me no time to enjoy my luxuries on the flight. British Airways is one of the major airlines when it comes to travel, and British Airways manage my booking does all possible to make travel as easy as possible for its customers.

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