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SCP 999: Many theories exist regarding the children rumored to be part that is part of SCP 001 The Scarlet King. One of the most strongest and powerful SCP anomalies identified by members of the SCP Foundation.

SCP-999 also called the tickle monster is an orange gelatinous creature. That has the power to make people who touch its surface feel full of joy. This effect can even alleviate the mental trauma of others in the course of time. SCP 999 is considered to be among the top generous SCPs under the supervision of the SCP Foundation. as it assists personnel during containment breaches.


Because there is no canon within the SCP universe. There have been many stories that tell the story of the beginnings of SCP-999.

The Work 

SCP-999 is the child of SCP-231-7 an avatar for A’habbat Seventh Bride to the Scarlet King. The birth of 999 was initially prevented by the procedure 110-Montauk.

However, following the discovery of Daevite tablets which spoke of the seventh child as one who would be able to defeat The King’s army.

110-Montauk had to be disqualified and 999 were allowed to be born. His mother was then granted amnesty and an amount of seven figures. Even though 110-Montauk was still believed to be employed as a disinformation technique.

However, SCP-999 was placed in control by the SCP Foundation However because of 999’s generous nature, it’s granted permission to roam around the site however it likes.

SCP-682 and SCP-999

SCP-682 and SCP-999 were both involved in a cross-test between the two, with the intention of eliminating 682’s omnicidal tendencies. 682 nearly instantly crushed 999 beneath its feet.

But the latter reacted to its tickling to crawl into 682 and made him giggle uncontrollably.

He eventually fell asleep but awoke much faster after SCP-999 had been removed from the cell. triggering the psychic wave that caused everyone around to laugh in uncontrollable ways.

682 was breached in this period and killed all those that crossed his way. 999 helped as many people as possible, taking them to safer areas while agents secured 682. In spite of the incident, the 999 wanted to have a playdate with 682 without fearing 682.

SCP 999 Compared 914

Just a few days prior to 26 April 2018 professor Snider took five 500ml samples of the slime from SCP-999 for experiments with SCP-914. Despite SCP-999’s fear of needles, the slime samples were taken.

and the test was deemed acceptable. Four of the samples passed without incident (Rough generated a cloud of orange gas, which smelled like burning hair ),

Coarse produced a very sweet rock candy made of slimes of 999, 1:1 made an orange liquid that had a slight peanut scent with a water-like viscosity, and Fine created an ice-cold chunk of slimes.

Which were able to produce napalm-like characteristics when they were thawed. However, Very Fine produced a tiny Azure-colored creature that resembled the 999 slimes, dubbed E-999-A.

The creature was hostile to everyone on staff. but its size was able to cause minimal harm like rolling over the floor at high speeds toward the shins and thighs of employees. It was eventually removed and then handed to SCP-999.

The latter uncharacteristically began to show hostility towards the 999-A. After a brief fight lasting 2 minutes and a half, 999 took over the 999-A. There were no changes in SCP-999 following.

The act of bringing up E-999-A and 999 later will result in him not ignoring the person who made it happen for a brief period.

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SCP-999 Character

Because SCP-999 is able to treat mental illness and make people content. it focuses on those in need and aids those in need as they require it.

SCP Explained brings our readers the SCP Foundation abnormality SCP-999 sometimes referred to as “The Tickle Monster”. The SCP-999 anomaly is classified as a safe-class SCP within the SCP Foundation’s confinement. Description: 

SCP-999 appears to be a huge gelatinous, amorphous, and amorphous lump consisting of translucent orange slime that weighs around 54 kg (120 pounds) and has a consistency similar to peanut butter. 

The subject’s size and shape are malleable. and it can change its shape at any time however when it is at the rest of its life, SCP-999 is an oblate. And a round dome that measures around 2 meters in width and 1 meter high.


SCP-999 is comprised of an unnatural slime that can squish or stretch up to just 2 centimeters wide or height. When it is in its resting state 999 is 2 meters in width and 1 Meter tall in a dome.

The diet of 999 is comprised of sugary treats and sweets. Also, muffins and cake and muffins, both of which have odd negative effects and reflects their happy characteristics.

SCP Containment procedures

Since SCP-999 is basically harmless, he’s free to move around in the facility as he pleases however, he must remain in its pen between 8 pm between 9 PM and midnight as well as during lockdowns. there are many SCP like SCP 000, SCP 053, SCP 3812, SCP 579, etc.

SCP 999 isn’t allowed to leave the facility at the moment. Food must be changed each day.

And the pen has to be maintained tidy. Personnel may contact 999 only while on break or not assigned to any task. When 999 gets bored. it is required to be entertained and spoken in a quiet manner.

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