Sensitive Aspects of Gaming Industry- Importance of Age Verification

Age verification is a process that is not only implement in the formal business concerns like manufacturing concerns that sell certain kinds of products that are sensitive in the context of the age of the user. The practice of verifying age is also carry out in the gaming industry. It is a misconception that usually prevails in society at large that age is not a critical feature to be verified in the gaming industry. Well, that is not the case. Age verification is necessary to approve the legality of gaming as well.

Neglecting the need for age verification can compromise a child’s security in the gaming industry. Age verification is important to ensure child safety

Age Verification Process across Countries

Verification of Age in the UK

Age verification has a different mechanism in every country depending upon the norms, values, rules, and regulations that are prevalent in that particular region. In the region of the UK, a bill was pass to ensure that children do not have access to inappropriate products or services. It was name the Digital Economy Bill as reported by Shufti Pro. moreover, a survey was conduct by the British Board of film, classification which highlighted that around 80-90% of websites did not have any age barriers, and those which did have, made it quite easy to access click. 

Online Age Verification in Europe

In the European states, a special system has been develope to ensure child protection with respect to the usage of gaming products. The Pan-European Gaming Information system is use by 20 states and it is also approve by 200 industry members from different member states of Europe. Also, the age that is prohibit to be facilitate for online products or services falls in the bracket of 13-16 years.  

Practicing KYCC in the USA

Online Age verification is critically examine by the FTC in the United States of America. It has the world’s competent legal framework to mitigate age-related violations. The Federal trade commission has introduce the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act which scans the information that is collect by the businesses. In this way, FTA keeps an eye on the companies’ activities regarding how they gather data about their consumers.  

Online Age Verification in the Gaming Industry

According to statistical reports, there are around 2.7 billion gamers across the globe who are linked with this industry. It is expect to grow at a skyrocketing pace in the future. The saturation of any industry brings tough challenges with it which need to be address strategically. Similar is the case for gaming. It allows many users to come on board. But the businesses face the difficulty of posing restrictions demanded by the governing bodies. It compromises their profit but at the same time, eliminates. The threat of chargebacks to the platform if accessed by minors.

Age Verification in Gambling

Gambling is a type of game that has its own reasons for attraction. People are intrigue with games like poker because it is a quick way to make instant money through e-betting. These types of games also fascinate children and they fall prey to playing some cards out of curiosity. Shufti Pro reports that this subdomain of gaming is reported to be the top priority for investors. Because it has generat revenue of around 648 billion US dollars. This sum is forecasted to increase in the near future. Neglecting the need for age verification can compromise a child’s security in the gaming industry. Age verification is important to ensure child safety

The misuse of these gaming sites has given birth to concerns about child security. The Gambling Commission of the UK has brought to attention. The sad reality that over four lac youngsters are found to be associated with gambling. A more disturbing aspect is that they fall between the age of 11 to 16 which is quite alarming.

Age Verification for Video Games

Restrictions need to be impose on video games as well. A survey by Statista shows that above 40% of games in the US are label as teen rated. Games involving hard and mature language or themes. That are not meant to be observe by children such as adult themes; need to be restrict with respect to age for access. 


Considering all the warnings and alarming signs, many IDV solution providers are offering digital solutions for age verification. For instance, the age of an individual can be authenticate with the help of an ID card. The system consists of an optical character recognition feature. That detects the information on the document and cross-verifies it with the user’s provided information. In this way. The minor is unable to deceive a gaming platform because of the digitally enabled AI-based software solution. That is incorporate into the computer systems of casinos, clubs, and other destinations. Neglecting the need for age verification can compromise a child’s security in the gaming industry. Age verification is important to ensure child safety

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