Some neutral eyeshadow looks you need to try for different occasions

Eyeshadow is a cosmetic product women wears on their eyelids, lashes, water line, and lower eyelid. Eye makeup is a game-changer, it can transform your entire makeup look. A neutral eyeshadow looks classy and elegant, although some might argue it is boring but there are so many neutral eyeshadows looks to try that there can’t possibly be anything boring about it. You just need one neutral eyeshadow palette such as Aritaum Mono Eyes Palettes to do any sort of neutral eye look Some neutral looks work every day while others are more suitable for special occasions.

Some neutral eyeshadow looks you can try are

Subtle Smokey neutral eye

In situations when you’re not sure how heavy you should go with makeup, always opt for a subtle smokey neutral eye. Pick eyeshadow colors similar to your skin color, add some smokey effect on the outer corners, top it off with a black liner and add some lashes to complete the entire look. Make sure the smokey effect you add is not too overpowering as that takes away the charm of the look.

Fall-inspired eyes

Fall-inspired eyes are generally for Fall but you can fill these off in any season. All you need are two shades of rosy pink or brown and just blend them smoothly and you’re good to go.

Neutral cut-crease eyes

A cut crease goes on the heavier side but you try making it more subtle and not so overpowering. Just stick to matte eyeshadows and use a shade lighter than your skin tone for the base eyeshadow.

Neutral halo eyeshadow

Probably a super bright shimmer came to your mind when you heard about halo eyeshadow. That does not have to be the case, they can be subtle. Apply a light shimmery color in the middle and see how it opens up your eyes and brightens them.

Pink or coral eyeshadows

It is quite controversial to say that pink is neutral, some might not consider it neutral. Sometimes you just want something neutral but with a bit of color. That is when pink or coral eyeshadows will come to use. Even if you put a simple pink shade over your lids with some mascara, you’re ready to go because it pulls together your entire look.

Almost not there eyeshadow

You just need to place enough eyeshadow to enhance the look. Make use of shades that are closest to your skin color and keep blending to create a shadow.

Eye shadows make your eyes more prominent and attractive. You just have to know the right techniques, make the right choices, and simply know what works best for you. The key to a neutral eye look is to always work from lighter shade to darker shades. Don’t go overboard with the quantity of eye shadows you use and try to keep it as minimal as possible, Visit Sensoo Skincare and invest in a good neutral eyeshadow palette to achieve any look you desire. Moreover, as explained, neutral eyeshadows are far from boring. Unless it’s Halloween, neutral eyeshadows are perfect for every occasion. Just experiment with the way you place the eyeshadows to create different looks for every occasion.

How Eyeshadow is an Important Part of Make Up

Applying makeup is a type of body decoration in which some consider the “most important of arts” in different societies. One should know that facial attractiveness plays off of sex differences in facial appearance. The more feminine a woman looks, the more attractive she is said to be.

The difference between male and female pigmentation is a contributing factor in how women appear more attractive. In general, women have lighter colored skin than men. It is key to be mindful of the contrast of makeup to the skin for women. The contrast of a woman’s eyes and lips to her face creates a perception she is more attractive, as long as the intensity of the contrast is strong.

Makeup assists in emphasizing this contrast of the skin versus the eyes and lips; thus, the women appear more attractive to men. Biological factors can play a large role in how makeup is effective in different societies. One could examine traditional Geisha apprentice cosmetics looks versus typical American teenage girls looks. The traditional Geisha apprentices wore white paint and dark lipstick, while American girls often wear foundation that compliments their skin tones and lightly shaded lip glosses. Both looks are attractive in different places.

Study showed that males approve of prominent cheekbones, large eyes, smooth skin, and small noses. Although a person cannot change their facial features, one can enhance them through various techniques, which involve makeup. For example, one can contour their cheekbones to appear more prominent and use eye shadow to enhance shape of her eyes.


Some people conducted basic experiments, testing the makeup’s power on enhancing one’s looks using before-after facial stimulus. One study was conducted using 16 male and 16 female subjects who judged 4 females in different makeup combinations. They found women significantly more attractive with the makeup on. Interestingly enough, the four women had more positive personality ratings when wearing the makeup as well.

There is An older study in which 8 male and 8 female subjects rated 32 college students on whether or not they were more attractive with or without makeup. The women subjects did not really find the women more attractive with the applied makeup like the men had.

In another experiment a waitress served two groups of people for five days a week for six weeks. She served sixteen lunches with makeup and fifteen without makeup. After analyzing various components to this experiment, they confirmed that times in which the waitress wore makeup, she received a higher tip.


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