The Power of Media

All in all “Power of Media” refers to the instruments of mass communication. Today, media includes TV, Internet, cinema, magazines, newspapers, radio direct mail, fax and even the telephone. Viewers can experience some kind of representation in pictures of messages by using certain kinds of broadcasting and advertisements. Imagery is visual representation of graphics, pictures and can also include video films. Images are extremely useful for media that help to communicate messages effectively.

Images from the media are everywhere in the modern age. We are aware of this because whenever we travel such as on the highways. Where we notice billboards advertising top brands and latest items. If we are enticed by advertisements, we can start to think about or imagine the way they are used. Media may provide details to help us understand what a service, product or message offers. The influence of media is now so strong that they are able to influence people either positively or negatively. Also, we are a society which is dependent on the media for news and entertainment. In fact, the images of the power of media impact both people and society. Which includes males, females as well as teenagers and children.

Access information from around the globe

Our lives today will be incomplete without the power of media. It is, for instance, the convenience of communicating which allows users to communicate with their family and friends. Who live on the other side of the globe. Additionally media such as radio, television and the Internet improve our understanding. By allowing us to access information from around the globe. You can also get different kinds of news or events via Power of Media, nearly immediately, such as via the Internet. For instance, when a video of protesters taking to street protests in Cairo within Egypt to overthrow. The administration in Egypt was broad cast on the Worldwide Web.

These images actually encouraged more people from different nations to participate. In the street protests to show favor of Egyptian protesters. Similar events occurred the year 2010 in Thailand when protesters wearing ‘Red’ shirts protested. In the streets to defy and challenge their Thai government. The Thai government was then backed by supporters wearing the yellow’ Shirts, and also marched on the streets. Images of this kind, shown on television, in newspapers, or on the Internet by the public as well as “society”. In general, could influence people to choose to support or oppose those in control.

Powerful Media Of influence

While at the same time television Power of Media can enhance our knowledge by allowing access to information. From all over the globe. It is also possible to receive various stories or events on the television. It is also an effective educational tool for youngsters, helping get them on the right track. For instance, “Sesame Street” is one of the television shows. Which has a positive effect on a lot of younger generations. The show taught children how to speak clearly, spell correctly, to choose healthy foods and to enjoy learning. They taught us how to communicate with deaf people. It reveals the potential of the individuals. Television has a powerful influence on education, aiding in teaching proper values.

Newspapers can have a positive impact on the society. Newspapers do not just give the latest information or news. They also facilitate the development of a positive relationship between government and the citizens. As citizens of Malaysia it is essential to be more aware of the political and economic problems of our nation. Which we can learn about through newspapers. Newspapers can also help increase information that is not available from books. For instance, a young woman from Malacca was killed after falling off a building. This story was covered through The Star newspaper. From this news report, we are aware that she died due to having was injured in her head. If we are looking to learn more about the happenings all around us newspapers are a great source to keep up-to-date with news.

Advantages and disadvantages of Power of Media

We all know that things has its pros and negatives, and the media comes with advantages and disadvantages. The downsides of the media are a danger of reporting that is inaccurate and the loss of privacy. In some instances, in the rush in order to become the initial to report news and. To be the first to publish inaccurate or incorrect information. It can be embarrassing and dependent on the information, it could damage a person’s reputation.

 It’s very simple for individuals to utilize the media to fabricate false statements or claims which aren’t even half-true. Candidates for political office often use this tactic as well, and we have recently seen a prominent journalist do this. It’s difficult to verify every story or statement made public through the media. In addition because of every camera and news coverage it is impossible to maintain privacy. If someone makes mistakes or makes a mistake or says something wrong. It could be taken way beyond the point of view. The most recent Miss Universe error is an illustration. The media comes with positive and negative characteristics that are associated with it. One famous quote comes directly from Malcolm X, “The media is the most powerful entity on the Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s the Power of Media.”

Power of Media make our lives more convenient

In the end, the usage of media is both positive and negative, and that will is entirely dependent on our. In a positive sense media can make our lives more convenient, for instance. We can find out quickly what’s happening in the world, both locally and globally a brief amount of time. It is important to take care not to let them affect us in a conscious way.

It is essential to remember that in the day and age of instant everything news is instant history. Media professionals are can be instant historians . If you read through historical books, particularly one that cover relatively recent events. You’ll be shocked by the importance that is placed on the media and newspaper covering the time. This has led to the significance of media has grown, as it is no longer only accountable of viewers, readers or listeners. In the near future, but also to those who are alost there however. It is also applicable to those who live in the future.

Power of Media related Questions

What is the role in mass media?

The influence of mass media can have an effect on all aspects of life for humans that can affect voting in a particular way, having different opinions and convictions or even skewed knowledge of a certain area due to receiving inaccurate information. … However, not all consequences result in changes and some messages can are a way to reinforce a assumption.

Is there a more effective kind of media?

Our world is becoming more of an “information society”, and television. As the most effective medium for communication is an essential element of this society. Television is an incredible source of positive change. It is able to educate a lot of people on the world that surrounds them.

What are the 3 kinds of media?

There are three major kinds of media news: 

Print media

Broadcast media


What is a medium effect?

The media effect is the role that news headlines, news stories and social media have in influencing borrower or investor decision-making. … In the lending market the borrowers are influenced by headlines on economic activity. As well as interest rate fluctuations, affecting their behavior in refinancing and prepayment.

How powerful are media and information?

Media is thought of as one of the strongest instruments for communicating information to the public. As well as to society. Media is a part of our everyday life. It informs, influences and even entertains us. … They possess the ability to influence so that viewers trust the information they present.

What are the effects of media on the society?

The power of media can influence, manipulate the public, influence and persuade them and even controlling the world both in negative and positive ways, physically, mentally and emotionally. The media report controversial stories and published without any reliance on it being true or not.

What does the media do to our thoughts?

Social media alters the way we think. It alters how we think. Additionally it can impact our mental health. There’s ample evidence to suggest that it causes people to be more stressed and depressed. For instance, research has identified the connection between social media and depression.

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