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The rise of using examination technology for major assessments in Australia

Not so long ago, the traditional mode of conducting examinations was common practice in educational institutions across the globe. Students have come a long way from being assessed by writing on paper to answering questions online.

Modern technology has undoubtedly enhanced the routine processes and activities within educational institutions. It not only improves the overall standard of education but also makes things convenient for both teachers and students. The technology used in HSC exams also needs to evolve to meet the growing demands of a hybrid education system and other major assessments.

The need for change in the assessment systems

As the Australian education system moves towards a more technology-based learning environment, there is a need to change the assessment system. The assessment system needs to ensure that it is on par with the introduction of new technologies and their increased presence in schools.

As a result, changes have been made to the employment of examination technology for major assessments in Australia. Implementing these changes has resulted in better outcomes for students and teachers alike.

Why are online examinations the need of the hour?

Online examinations offer a wide range of benefits to the students and teachers of the emerging era. The following are the reasons incorporating online examinations and assessments is the need of the hour:

● Online examinations are more convenient for students

● They are less time consuming

● They are cost-effective

● They are secure and far safer than conventional paper-based or multiple-choice tests.

The online examination requires online authentication of the students who take the test, ensuring that only authorised people can access student data and results.

Implementing online assessments at a large scale in Australia has been made possible by improved technology infrastructure, increased availability of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, and decreased costs due to reduced printing costs associated with paper-based testing materials.

What is the primary technology used in HSC examinations in Australia?

When it comes to HSC examinations in Australia, these are the major technologies that are used:

● Digital Answer Books

Students can use digital answer books to jot down notes and diagrams on the fly during exams. They can also write and highlight text directly on their answer sheet. This is especially helpful if you aren’t great at writing neatly or have difficulty fitting everything you want to say into a small space like an exam paper.

● Scanners

Some schools have scanners, so students don’t have to worry about losing their work—the school will give you access to your files as soon as possible after each exam period ends (or even during). It’s like having your cloud storage.

Various other forms of technology can be incorporated into HSC exams, like remote online proctoring technology, to improve students’ and teachers’ examination and assessment experience.

How can technology improve the overall standard of education?

The use of technology in education can significantly improve the overall standard of education. It can aid in enhancing the quality of learning and teaching. Research shows that technology can improve the quality of teaching materials, assessments and feedback.

The use of assessment technology will impact how children are taught in the classroom, which is why it is so vital for teachers to understand how students learn best and what methods they should employ when teaching them.


By integrating technology into examination systems, the overall standard of the education system can be improved. Technological innovations are increasing so fast that it’s hard to keep up with them. People are surrounded by technology in all aspects of their lives. So why not integrate it into the education system? In the 21st century world, where everything is going digital, so should the assessment systems.

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