Why Essay is Important in Education?

The process of writing an essay is similar to exploring your soul. Have you ever wondered what the reason behind professors or teachers assigning these writing tasks is? Why can’t they just have you convey your thoughts through oral language? The reason they ask for you to write an essay is quite simple. It’s easy to communicate your ideas in a more rational manner when you write. By assigning essays, the teacher is trying to expand your writing abilities, vocabulary, as well as your own distinctive style. You aren’t able to develop these skills by engaging in oral communication. You develop your creativity, speaking, and ability to reason through writing essays. Being in a quiet environment can help you grow these abilities and expand your thinking. If you’re having trouble writing an essay, you can always request StudyCrumb to do it for you.

The assignment of essays to students plays a major part in the process of learning. Essay writing encourages critical thinking in which you contemplate a topic and come to conclusions. Students are challenged to analyze various arguments in order to find stronger positions. Through critical thinking, students will learn how to recognize various perspectives and opinions. An essay demonstrates the understanding of the material. The knowledge of various documents on topics like the history of language, culture, or religion can be strongly felt by students via essay writing. Through writing essays, students look over diverse arguments and examples before completing the task. The knowledge gained is transferable to other subjects, which makes learning more effective and enhances writing abilities. Here are five extra arguments for the importance of essay writing in education: 

It boosts creativity 

Even the dullest topics can make you think about what you can do to address them. You must search for facts, evaluate them, mix them up with other information, then analyze them, provide an overview and finally, make everything interesting to read. In the past, the writing of academic essays was more stale and passive (with numerous sentences using passive voice). Now, imagination is the primary factor. However, this does not mean that students have to immediately forget about the structure and fundamental rules. The creative process can take various forms, and essay writing is a great way to enhance the majority of them. 

It is beneficial for your future job

Whatever you do for an income, the ability to collect data, analyze it, and then create an engaging, intelligent, and original summary is a valuable and lucrative skill. For instance, developers might think that they don’t need writing since they write code. However, they must write, for example, reports, documents, and letters. They have to express themselves via writing and evaluate other people’s work. Writing essays helps you create business communications that must be concise and clear. And at the end of the day, maybe you’ll actually be an author?

It helps improve concentration

There are many benefits to essay writing that aren’t necessarily related to writing in itself. Writing assignments are among your first duties that have deadlines. You must focus on your research. You must be aware of the date for submission. You must learn to organize your time, not get too involved in sources, leave plenty of time to edit and proofread, and so on. These may seem like minor things, yet they support you in organizing your mind and managing more complicated tasks at home or at work later. Many students claim that their first job assignments in the professional world were nothing in comparison to a rushed essay. 

It makes you smarter

It’s a simple solution — in order to write an essay, generally, you need to read a minimum of five to ten sources, including paragraphs in textbooks, articles in journals or magazines, etc. You will likely utilize 10% of what you read in preparation for an essay or other writing task, but you’ll retain a lot more. Through high school and college years, develops your intellect, broaden your knowledge, and make you an engaging person. The amount of research you conduct today may seem like an unnecessary burden, but it’s a good investment for years to come. 

It will prepare you for more challenging projects

While in college, and perhaps at university, you will have to write term papers, research papers, and case studies as you progress to the dissertation or thesis. You will recall how simple it was when you just had to prepare essays. Each essay assignment helps you train for the time when you have to write an extensive article with a complicated structure, a couple of hundreds of sources, and a bibliography on top of it all.

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