10 Life-Changing Hi-Tech Education Tools for the Students

The computer and the World Wide Web have all the solutions for your problems. The internet has made students’ lives much more effortless with all the academic-related solutions. Starting from assignment writing help, to hi-tech education tools, everything has made its way into the lives of the students so effectively that they cannot think of their lives without these technical friends. 

The teachers also encourage the students to use these high-tech education tools. These new technologies have given an entirely new definition to modern-day learning. There are many devices present in the market that are readily available for the students and the educators. But it is essential to know which ones are worthy of the time, money, and trust invested in them. The following 10 hi-tech delusional tools are among the worthy ones, without any doubt.

Google Classroom

Teachers are adopting Google Classroom to change how they interact with their students. This high-tech educational tool provides complete curricular guidance to teachers and students. For example, teachers can create a class, invite students, provide assignment help, send documents, leave comments, and host discussion groups. 


Kahoot is an empowering experience that turns conventional hand-raising into a fun game for the entire class. In addition, the site recently extended to incorporate pre-made programming and features for group projects, evaluation, and more, making it ideal for remote learning or livening up an in-person activity.


Dreambox is an appropriate learning tool that assists children in developing outstanding math skills. Many students find maths dreadful, but with the help of this tool, math is just like a fun game. This interactive platform encourages students to think about mathematics in new ways and better their understanding. 


A Smartboard is a ubiquitous thing in any standard classroom. Be it a traditional classroom or a smart one, smart boards are inevitable presents in the classrooms. The Starboard is the best smart board on the current market now. It’s simply a massive touch-screen PC with all the bells and whistles. As a result, teachers will be able to create engaging lesson plans that will educate students and keep the subject new and interesting.


Students can utilise Tricaster, a simple news broadcasting application, to construct their news program. It can be used in smart classrooms to create a weekly schedule for the entire school. Students can learn technical skills and abilities which will be beneficial for them in their careers.


The two software of Texthelp enables students to grow primary and essential skills like reading and writing. Their Read & Write programme promotes literacy, and their Fluency Tutor program assists non-native speakers in gaining the skills they need to succeed in school. The students will require these two primary skills for their entire life. And this device helps the students learn and polish these skills quickly and interestingly.


Education is another education tools that enable teachers to explain complex topics through multimedia. For example, a blend of words and pictures can be used to create a video. In addition, teachers can use voice-overs in their videos. Audio-Visual methods are any day more engaging and interesting than traditional methods. Students learn more and better in these ways, and their concentration remains inside the classrooms. 


Clickshare makes the whole experience of file sharing and project presentation smoother and more accessible, both for teachers and students. Students can present work to the class using Clickshare instead of connecting to annoying wires. This handy device connects to a computer through USB ports and displays a desktop on a shared projector.

The students and teachers have to manage a considerable number of projects. Hence misplacement of documents is a common incident. Clickshare will eradicate that issue from the academic world. 

Board Builder

Discovery Education’s initiative, the Board Builder, is a multimedia project manager with a web interface. This cutting-edge application integrates with other Discovery Education offerings.

The teachers can also upload photographs and videos they need for teaching purposes. This helps in making the whole learning experience interesting for the students. This also makes the teaching experience much better. 


DyKnow is what the teachers need in this modern, technologically advanced world. It enables the teacher to know whether the students are working on their tasks on their gadgets while in the classroom. The tool has a database of students in it, and the teacher can view their activity through it.

So, for example, if a student is using social media instead of the correct web page, the instructor will be able to fix the situation without going around the classroom themselves.

With the rapid advancement of technology, the day is not far behind when these hi-tech education tools will be a regular thing in the world of education. Hi-tech education is the future of education. The future of education call for independent learning and technically advanced classroom. It is only a matter of time before all schools and colleges will be smart schools and smart colleges. 

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Author Bio: Sophie Brown is a professor who has done her Ph.D. in Computer Technologies from the University of Queensland. She has been associated with EssayAssignmenthelp.com for the last seven years, where she offers essay assessment help to the students. 

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