Fractions Teaching Activities in the Classroom

Is it possible to teach fractions? We’ve got everything you’ll need to make fractions fun in the classroom right here! Believe us converting fractions into decimals and vice versa is very simple and has become quick enough nowadays. Yes, you may seem astounded but it is now possible with the aid of the online fraction calculator by So what are your thoughts on it? Got amazed! Let us tell you we were also got like so when it sounded in our ears too.

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Anyways, let us come to the point now! In this technical read below, we will be taking you, people, through the impressive activities to teach fractions.

Let’s delve a little bit further!

Form Fractional Teams:

Each pupil should be given a fraction card. Explain to the children that they must form a ‘fraction team,’ or a group with most of the other students who have a fraction equal to the one on their card. In case they feel uncomfortable, use a multiple fraction calculator to make multiple teams. They must sit down after they have located all of the participants of their fraction team. The fraction team that locates all of their proper members first wins!

The Fraction Dance:

This is an excellent method to get your pupils to move about. One sheet of newspaper is required for each learner. Students spread out the newspaper as a ‘complete piece.’ The teacher plays some upbeat dancing music for the kids to follow along with on their newspaper. The kids must take up their scrap of paper and cut it in half when the music stops. After that, they begin to dance on half of the magazine. 

The music stops again, and they bend the sheet of paper in half to dance on only one-third of it. Finally, they fold the newspaper in eighths, allowing them to dance on only one-eighth of the page. With this interesting technique to get entertained, you can also teach them the usage of an online fraction calculator.

Flowers by Fraction:

Fraction flowers are a fun hands-on exercise that will reinforce fraction concepts. To make the flowers, attach them to paper plates. The fraction wheels were printed two to a page and were the appropriate size for the paper plates. Students should combine all of the fractions and reassemble the fraction flowers. They can also use a dividing fractions calculator to assist them in this regard. 

BINGO on Fractions:

To assist your pupils comprehend halves, thirds, quarters, and fifths, play this Pizza Fractional Bingo game. This is no doubt a gem in itself. There are 32 cards in all, so you may play as a class or in a tiny group. Also, prepare them to play with the online fraction calculator in order to grasp the game’s ratio system. It will also allow them to clarify their ideas. It will for sure assist them a lot in learning new things better and better. 

Sorting Fraction Cookie Jars:

This comparable fraction sorting game is a fantastic way to reinforce students’ grasp of comparable fractions in a small group or full class setting. Okay before you move on and download this game for your child, just keep reading the paragraph. The six cookie jars, as well as the cookies, should be printed and laminated. Give a treat to each pupil. Arrange the biscuits into the appropriate cookie jars as a class, based on equivalence.

Take Advantage of the Pleasure of Fraction Spoons:

If you’ve ever played Spoons, you’re already familiar with the rules. You get to grab a spoon if you match four of a kind (this time using free printable fraction cards provided at the link below) and so does everyone else! Play continues when the loser takes one letter of the word SPOON.

Let’s Wind It Up:

When people are asked which Algebra maths topics they enjoy and which they despise, fractions usually show in the dislike column. According to a recent poll, maths teachers believe that fractions are significant for pupils entering high school. That is why they emphasise the use of the free fraction calculator so as to clear the pupil’s concepts and ideas about the topic. 

In this guidepost, we had a focus on various activities that could help you learn fractions by using a subtracting fractions calculator. We hope you may benefit from this piece of content. 

We wish you the very best of luck for your children’s learning!

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