A Step-by-step Guide to Clearing the DP-100 Certification Exam


The DP-100 exam stands for Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure.

Candidates for this exam should have experience implementing and running machine learning workloads on Microsoft Azure using data science and machine learning.

Data science, Machine learning, Cloud Computing, data engineering, Microsoft Artificial Intelligence, and other data frontiers are all advancing quickly and precisely.

 Larger companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Databricks, and Google define the future of data science and push innovation in the discipline.

How can a data scientist or anybody dealing with data benefit from DP-100 (Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure)?

Businesses collect data from various sources, including mobile applications, point-of-sale systems, in-house tools, machinery, and so on, and store it in multiple departments or databases. 

It is especially true for significant legacy organizations. Getting relevant data under one roof to create models and deploy them in production is one of the biggest challenges for data scientists.

All of these data will get moved to a data lake on Azure. There you may manipulate them using SQL pools or Spark pools, clean the data, develop models using test clusters (at a minimal cost), monitor the models, ensure the models are fair, account for data drift, and deploy the clusters (high scalable, higher price).

The DP 100 may concentrate on problem-solving while Azure handles the heavy lifting. It is one of the certifications from Microsoft online certification courses.

After completing the certification, the professional will be called the Microsoft Certified Professional. 

Requirements of the Certification DP-100:

  • It is simple to prepare for the test if you have a basic understanding of Python and have worked on it for at least 3 to 6 months.
  • A machine-learning fundamentals course is required. It aids in deciphering the codes and answering ML questions on the test.
  • Working with Jupyter notebook or Jupyter lab is not required; nevertheless, because all of the labs are on Jupyter notebook, it is simple to work with them.
  • One can use Databricks and MLflow knowledge to improve exam scores; they will incorporate these topics in DP-100 in July 2021.
  • The certification fee is Rs. 4500.
  • When you are signing up for a free Azure account, you get Rs13,000 in Azure ML credits
  • It is essential to schedule your exam for 30 days from today and pay for it; this will be a strong motivator.

Preparation for the DP-100:

  • The test is MCQ-based, with around 60-80 questions and a time limit of 180 minutes. Remember, this amount of time is simply enough to finish and review all the questions.
  • You must answer two lab questions or case-study-type questions, and you cannot avoid them.
  • Because it is a proctored exam, make sure you get prepared.
  • Microsoft updates the test pattern around twice a year, so it’s good to examine the most recent version.
  • It’s simpler to prepare for the test if it’s broken into two parts: theory and lab.
  • It will take at least 1 to 2 weeks to prepare and evaluate the theory. You may use Microsoft Docs to study any theory issues.
  • Build and operate machine learning systems using Azure Machine Learning — this essential part has the most queries.
  • Laboratories are also crucial. Even though you will answer no actual lab questions, understanding azure-specific classes and methods is beneficial. And they are the majority of the inquiries.
  • Questions about machine learning, such as what the R2 score is, will not be asked. How to log the R2 score for an experiment is a question they might ask. As a result, the Azure Machine Learning application should be the main emphasis.
  • Microsoft also offers paid instructor-led Microsoft certification training for the DP 100.
  • There are two lab questions or case study questions in the examination.

Skills measured:

The DP-100 certification exam measures the following skills:

  • Create an Azure Machine Learning workspace.
  • Experiment and develop models.
  • Model optimization and management.
  • Models for deploying and consuming.

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Important things to remember on the day of the exam:

The following Some crucial things which are important toon the examination day.

  • Make sure to run a system test the day before. Work computers may be problematic. Thus personal laptops are preferable.
  • Books, papers, pencils, and other stationery are not permitted.
  • The proctor performs preliminary inspections before allowing you to begin the exam.
  • After the exam, we show the results on screen and send them to you through email. As a result, don’t forget to check your email.
  • Validation for the certification is for two years only.


It is a certification provided by Microsoft, and the certificate is one of the Microsoft certifications. The development and implementation of an adequate working environment for Azure data science workloads are one of the tasks of this function. They experiment with data and train prediction algorithms. Therefore, they also maintain, optimize, and deploy machine learning models in the field.

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