5 Tips to Get Rid of Back Pain Forever

The reason you are reading this blog is the fact that you must have been suffering from back pain. It’s terrible and makes you feel miserable. A small posture mistake one day in the office or during sleeping, and here you are- suffering from this monster that does not let you work, sit, stand, or even lie down properly. So, in this blog, we have listed some tips for your Back Pain Treatment Milpitas. We hope that with these simple tips, you can relieve back pain and even avoid experiencing it in the future.

1. Be More Physically Active

This goes without saying that having an active lifestyle is a treatment for a lot of health-related issues. It covers Back Pain Treatment Milpitas also. Going for a jog or walk regularly will help correct the posture issues that can become a reason for back pain. You can decide the duration and strenuousness of walking or jogging as per your stamina and health, but it is a must. Better consult with your doctor or chiropractor to find the right level and frequency of this activity because too brisk a walk for a long time can damage your health instead of benefitting you. A normal walk for up to half an hour can be done even without consulting a trainer.

Taking it to an intense level, you can also start stair climbing and other jumping exercises. They are really helpful for bones’ health. With these exercises bones and motion can come into play, and remain active and functional, which can eventually prevent issues such as back pain.

And of course, other resistance or strength training is also recommended if you want to amp up the game. This includes weight lifting, pull-ups, and push-ups.

Although all of these activities are good for improving overall health, you cannot discount the factor of asking a trainer or medical expert. Before involving in anything strenuous or rigorous, make sure you have sought a chiropractor’s or physician’s advice.

2. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

With small, or they might be big for some of you, changes in your life you can be more kind and compassionate towards your health and well-being. For example, quitting smoking can do many wonders to your health. We can’t even begin to list down the advantages that a small change in habit can bring. With the specific issue of back pain, allow us to break it to you that smoking is highly detrimental to bones. Also, if you notice, right after smoking you experience a little imbalance when you try to walk. This means there is always a risk of tripping or falling.

That being said, the risk of tripping and falling increases significantly if you consume alcohol. There is no further elaboration needed in this regard. Besides that, alcohol weakens bones significantly because it affects the body’s ability to absorb and regulate calcium, vitamin D, and hormones. With that direct effect on hones, the bone density declines which makes your bones more prone to fracturing.

So, quitting alcohol and smoking can improve your overall health.

3. Include More Calcium in your diet as a back pain treatment

While we mostly attribute back pain to posture carelessness, the truth remains that weak bones are the major reason behind back pain. An easy and surefire way to cure this is to include more calcium in your diet. Although you can take calcium supplements we will recommend keeping them more natural and organic. Oatmeal is rich in calcium. Make it your habit to consume oatmeal every day. To make it richer, you can add milk or yogurt to your oatmeal.

Seafood is also a great source of calcium. If you can’t get fresh seafood, there is always the option of canned seafood, which is rich in calcium, protein, omega-3, and other nutrients. These nutrients can improve your health and also be helpful in Back Pain Treatment Milpitas.

Nuts and beans contain an immense amount of calcium. Consuming them now and then, as a snack will provide a sufficient amount of calcium to keep your bones in good health. Leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, and kale are also good for health as they contain iron which is highly beneficial for bones.

4. More Vitamin-D, stronger bones

Vitamin D is great for bones, we all know that. The best part about vitamin D is that it is also free. All you need to do is get soaked in the sun, and that’s it.

Other sources of vitamin D are egg, milk, and fatty fish. Including these in your daily diet will help strengthen your bones and prevent you from a lot of health-related issues. If you have certain allergies or inhibitions, you can ingest vitamin D in other forms also. This includes taking supplements also because all you need is the ability of vitamin D to hold onto bone-strengthening nutrients. In the absence of vitamin D, there is a higher risk of bone fracture because the bones are weak.

5. Include chiropractic care in your lifestyle

You might think seeing a chiropractor must be done only on a need basis. However, we differ in this regard. We genuinely believe it is something you should include in your lifestyle. Regular consultations with a chiropractor will help you enjoy a healthy life. Chiropractic treatment is not only a Back Pain Treatment Milpitas, but it also cures many other health issues such as headaches, stress and anxiety, joint pains, and so on. This is natural and does not have any side effects. You can find a professional in your area.


Back pain is extremely painful. It can bring down a functional and healthy person to an extent that he cannot move. With some simple tips, you can avoid Back Pain Treatment Milpitas through drugs and surgery. In this blog, we have discussed simple steps that can benefit your overall health and particularly back pain. Small changes in lifestyle and improvement in eating habits are the starting points.

If you need professional help to Back Pain Treatment Milpitas, you can always rely on Spine Center in Milpitas. A highly reliable, experienced, and professional Chiropractic Care Milpitas in California, Milpitas is the first choice of many. The quality of service and affordable rates will convince you to include chiropractic care in your routine, without having any second thoughts. 

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