The Best FFXIV Mods and Addons (2022)

While add-ons cannot be considered essential for enjoying or participating in any game, they can enhance your gaming experience. You can get additional benefits such as better graphics and lighting and other features that will improve your gaming experience.

You can personalize your Avatar by choosing from a variety of add-ons and mods that provide different textures and quality. Mods and add-ons for FFXIV will allow you to personalize your avatar and provide additional benefits.

It can be difficult to find the best mods and addons for gamers as they are constantly updated. Don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list with the most popular FF14 add-ons and mods. This list will help you find exactly what you need. Let’s begin with the most popular FF14 addons and mods.

Top FFXIV Addons & Mods (2022).

Face Definition

This add-on is a top pick for Best FFXIV Mods & Addons. Everyone wants a fresh look in the gaming world. This mod is required for gamers to enjoy custom-made face looks.

This mod allows you to easily change the texture, eyes, and skin colors of your avatar’s face. This addon lets you customize the male and female avatars. This mod will however improve your appearance. It can also affect your performance if you go into a crowded area.

Material UI

Material UI is a custom-designed add-on that replaces FFXIV’s current theme. It makes the game more appealing and easier to use for gamers. This add-on will give you access to more icons, simpler bars, an improved inventory screen, the ability to find duty and new characters.

This addon adds coordinates to the treasure map hunters automatically. This addon can only be used in dark mode

Alive Gshade Preset

This mod is one the most exciting, efficient, and colourful additions that Final Fantasy XIV has ever seen. This add-on will improve the game’s graphical representation and make it more interactive. To use this mod, you’ll need to have the latest hardware.

Custom UI

This mod allows you to customize your layout. This mod is not used by gamers a lot, but it has a lot more potential. This addon will give you additional options and features for your gaming computer. This mod is also free and has many hidden features. This addon is also free and will alter the layout of your game.

The Newness

This mod will make your game feel fresh and exciting, as the name implies. This mod is rare among graphic mods and heavier mods. It does not slow down your frame rate. The FF14 world offers more lighting. This mod doesn’t affect your performance or increase it. It only works with visuals.

Touch of Real

If you want to improve your visuals, Touch of Real is another mod you might consider. This mod is only for male characters. If you are unhappy with the way your current male characters look, this addon will help you create a more realistic appearance. This addon is simple to install and can transform the appearance of your male Avatar.

Moogle Maps

This allows you to change the map and add features that show where the treasure is located along the path. This allows you to hunt daily and ensures that all monsters are visible right in front.

Owl’s Eyes from Eorzea

It is possible to think that your Final Fantasy avatar’s eyes are less attractive or sparkly. This addon can transform the eyes of your character into owl’s eyes. This mod is compatible with both male and female avatars, as well as any Final Fantasy XIV/ffxiv.

Hair Defined

You can replace various components, such as eyebrows and eyelashes, hair colour, texture, and beard with this mod. You can change the default hair type to give your avatar a unique and complete look.

Heavensward SweetFX

This mod can transform your game’s appearance, even though it sounds complicated. The mod allows you to enjoy a stunning visual and graphic representation, as well as a unique display for shadows that is associated with the Avatar. This mod gives the game a more realistic and unique appearance. To learn more about the mod, you can access the guide.

How to add FF14 Mods

First, you’ll need to have the latest gear. This includes a white x570 motherboard processor that is compatible with mods. Follow these steps to add ffxiv modifications if you have the right equipment

First, stop playing.

Download and install ff14Textools to your computer in order to apply the mods

After the setup process is complete, you can select the mod that you want to add.

Now, open the text tool on your device

Locate the file that you wish to replace with mod

Find the Export at DDS option in the current menu, and tap it.

Click on the folder button and you will be able to access the file you wish to replace.

Replace the file you have just selected with the one you downloaded

Finally, go back to the text tools page by tapping on import


Mods and Addons improve the gaming experience and provide better visuals as well as a more intuitive layout. These Addons can help you create a game that is as realistic as possible.

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