Employment screening services that are most reliable

The recent marijuana law changes and federal visa regulations have employers scratching their heads when it comes to employee screening. Many companies use screening services as part of their hiring process to make sure their employees are who they say they are. Employment screening services are not just for companies in Colorado, Seattle, or border towns; hundreds of thousands of companies use these services to ensure their employees are trustworthy.

When paired with a credit and drug check, a background check can yield a lot of useful information. An analysis by Checker found that 78% of employees make up details on their resumes. When you pre-screen employees, you can uncover pertinent information that can corroborate or contradict the information they list on their application. Visit seamlesssearch.net for more details.

How to pick a good employment screening service

The best employment screening services also provide drug testing in addition to background and criminal history checks. Most of these services allow you to customize your search options to include employment history, credit history, drug screenings, and online history. Moreover, you can even find services like fingerprinting and biometrics (through local partners). Several providers, in an effort to ensure greater safety and compliance, are able to search drive records, social security numbers, and public criminal records at the county level. Visit seamlesssearch.net for more details.

The most reputable employment screening services

We compiled a list of seven employment screening services that we believe will be of help in your search for great employees. You can use one or more of these screening services on a regular basis.


The truth about a candidate’s background and credit history is what sets GoodHire apart from the competition. We provide background checks for businesses, individuals, and peer-to-peer communities that depend on member trustworthiness! Additionally, the business products cover healthcare searches and compliance searches as well as basic criminal searches and SSN searches. With a range of options like drug screening and international screening, build a custom background check that suits your needs. Tests for prescription and illicit drugs may be administered to candidates for up to 10 types, and the employee could choose a local service to perform the test.

Using GoodHire, you can test and transfer data on web, mobile, and API platforms. Candidates also have access to an online portal where they can sign their consent and begin the process automatically.


We offer pre-employment, verification, and monitoring services for businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals who require candidate profiles. As part of the service, the company monitors post-hire employees for anything that might present an employer with liability risks, such as DUI charges or assault charges.

With better process reliability and real-time verification, employment verification processes were reported to be 75 percent less time-consuming. You and candidates complete paperwork on your own time while automated workflows keep your requests moving through the system. Over 12,000 test centers across the country accept Sterling testing.


Potential employees can log into BackgroundReport.com to upload their information and upload their resume. Reports will be sent to you. Background reports are available at two levels of premium and basic checks. Basic level includes only criminal and county records checks, whereas premium level also includes credit and eviction history.

For ongoing document and roll discovery, subscribe to BackgroundReport.com’s monthly monitoring service. Small businesses, renters, property managers, and those with credit issues can use this for validation of credit and housing documents.


Small and medium businesses can access candidate background information through this provider of background checks. With a basic, standard, or premium account, you can buy checks on demand, rather than being billed monthly or annually.

You can access crime data from your county along with SSNs and national sex offender lists when you sign up for a basic account. As part of the standard plan, we check Patriot Act and similar registries for terrorist and fraud warnings every seven years, and we conduct a global watch every year.


It is a reliable source of background checks, even though HireRight had links to Snowden and USIS in the past. Various services are available, from individual checks to enterprise-level solutions. Additionally, 22 different languages are available for mobile applications to help expedite the application process.

Get real-time results whenever they are available, and reduce turnaround time for your checks. Our expansive network of integrations with applicant tracking systems (ATS) allows you to save time whilst you search for results through the same interface where you can follow up on potential hires. They have access to records in over 200 countries because of their global presence.

Corporate Screening

We offer a comprehensive solution that helps companies create and maintain safe, compliant environments. As well as international, criminal, and credit checks, CSS performs background checks for healthcare, higher education, and other industries.

Testing services for drugs and immunization records are provided as part of special screening programs. Using electronic filing and e-verification programs, you can track and verify your candidates’ I-9 eligibility and professional, military, and historical claims.

Make your hiring process easier with the right software

There are several employment screening services available that can be purchased separately or as part of a larger applicant tracking system or full-service human resource management software. Trying to find out about rates and partner companies with your ATS provider is not a bad idea.

Are you still having trouble finding what you need? By using our Product Selection Tool, you can compare more options and receive a personalized recommendation based on your requirements.

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