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The cost of relocating to a new country is always high. In addition to a smart way to send, spend, and receive payments overseas. Wise lets you manage your money across borders. We will cover green card in this article.

Green Card Introduction

How does a Green Card differ from a visa or a US passport? Let’s start with the basics. A majority of non-US citizens traveling to the U.S. need some form of pre approval. It may be necessary to get a tourist visa or an ESTA for tourists traveling to the United States.

Applying for a GC may be a better option if you intend to remain in the US permanently. Unlike a visa which is subject to expiration, a GC allows the holder to live and work in the US permanently. Your citizenship will remain in your country of origin when you hold a Green Card. While you do have expanded rights in the US, you do not have all of the benefits of US citizenship just because you hold a GC. As a result, you cannot vote in US elections, and you can still lose your GC if you want to leave the country or commit certain crimes.

Application for a Green Card

The process for applying for a Green Card will vary depending on whether you are applying within the United States or outside of it – and accordingly, the category of Green Card you are applying for.

The following steps provide a general overview.

1. Determine which category of Green Card you are eligible for, and check your eligibility

In order to apply for a Green Card, you will first need to review the eligibility requirements by category. A little later, we’ll explore the different categories and their core requirements. US Citizenship and Immigration Services can also provide you with more information.

2: Use the adjustment of status process from within the US – or submit a consular application outside the US

Applicants for Green Cards can apply if they are already in the USA under another visa program – or if they are still in their home country. If you wish to apply to the United States as an immigrant, the process may differ depending on your circumstances, although you will generally have to file an immigrant petition and wait for visa approval.

3: Verify the visa availability

In the United States, family members of US citizens aren’t limited in their ability to seek immigration, but Green Cards issued through employment and family sponsorship are capped each year. As a result, you may have to wait until the visas within your category are available before you can process your Green Card application.

4: Gather supporting documents and fill out the necessary paperwork

After you have prepared your application, you will need to complete the correct application form. And gather any necessary evidence and documentation to support your claim. You might be able to get some help with this process from your employer. Or a family member, depending on the nature of your application. The most common documents you will need will be discussed shortly.

5: Visit a national visa center or application support center

We will need to collect biometric data such as a fingerprint, photograph, and signature to process your application. Depending on your type of application, you will also have to pay fees.

6: If necessary, schedule your interview

As part of your Green Card application process, you will be asked to attend an interview. You will be invited and must bring original documentation and your paperwork to the meeting. You may be asked to accompany your family member or employer if you are applying with their support.

7: You will receive your acceptance decision

When you apply for your Green Card from within the United States, you’ll receive a letter telling you about the decision. If their application is denied, applicants will also know why their application was denied.

The consular officer will give you your visa packet when your application is complete. You should not open this packet. Please give it to the customs official at the US border. The customs officer will approve your entry into the United States and activate your GC.

When does the Green Card process take place?

Following the submission of your GC application, you will be able to view the status of your case online. On this website, you can find the current and historical average processing times for various application routes.

Cost of a Green Card

Forms for submitting a Green Card application and providing biometric information are both subject to fees. The USCIS website has a handy fee calculator you can use to estimate what the total fee will be for an application.

You can get an idea of the cost of submitting immigration petitions for alien spouses or relatives by looking at the 535 USD costs. Make sure you check all the costs for the forms you’ll need on the USCIS website before you begin your application.

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