How to Reduce Screen Time While Studying Online All day?

The new change from traditional to online learning has radically changed the student’s life – positively and negatively.

On the one hand, students like to sleep an extra hour for online lessons, instead of public transport to school. They want to walk around and play sports with friends after class, there is less bullying. Adding group projects allows for collaboration.

On the other hand, increasing screen time causes fatigue, and decreased motivation to improve poor posture. It can reduce personal and social interaction with friends, and constant headaches from constant screen time. For these reasons, our tutors, share their best tips and strategies in the short term, then they can be implemented to reduce the long-term effects of online learning.

Tips to Reduce Screen Time While Online Learning

Schedule Your Time Without a Screen

When you look at the school schedule and understand what lessons are available online on Zoom. You can help them create a quick schedule that sets the time spent on the screen off-device time. It is recommended that students leave their study space during recess and lunchtimes to refresh themselves. Allow them to come back to learning refocused and reenergized. You should not spend these breaks outside, drawing, talking to family, cooking, painting, playing an instrument, reading a book, etc. 

Use the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique has increased efficiency and effectiveness while completing tasks. To apply this technique, you should focus on a single charge for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. You should then repeat this four times (for 2 hours) before taking a half an hour break. Students and professionals use this simple method to use their time as productively as possible.

It requires you to focus on one task at a time, which is especially important when working with screen time. Our students mentioned that online learning could be more tiring than full-time. If you feel the same then you can hire someone to take my online class. Mental fatigue is irritating, not by hard work that requires concentration, but by frequent switching between multiple tasks – this can involve constantly looking at the phone or listening to your teacher. School online learning while doing other jobs. So, the Pomodoro technique is a great way to focus on the subject/task while reducing the time spent on the screen to short intervals during the day. 

Write Instead of Type 

At every opportunity, encourage your children to write instead of writing. It is essential not only for their eyesight and headache relief but also for the HSC exams. Most school exams then take pen-to-paper exams. So they maintain good handwriting and confidence and persevere with their fingers when writing and writing. Combined sentences without self-correction help are all the skills that the student needs to keep. It is expected to develop in these times.

Using Printed Textbooks

Most students buy copies of their books at the beginning of the school year, and these books recommend to remove from their shelves and used during online lessons. It may be easier to sign up and find an online version. However, the naming of physical books provides a much-needed screensaver and reasonable use for expensive textbooks paid for by parents. In addition, another great way to reduce screen time is to print resources such as worksheets and previous papers that need to be complete manually.

Use Applications to Prevent Their Use

With apps for everything these days, there are plenty of apps and online resources that can help phone users reduce the time spent on apps – who would have expected that! You can also take the benefits of hiring someone to take my online class for me, online learning resources to save your time. Meanwhile, you can do other priority work. One application that works on Apple and Android is the Block site. It’s reliable, has few or no ads, and is available with Google Chrome add-ons. Another option is to set limits for specific applications through settings. You can choose the application timer on your phone to limit usage. These methods take the weight of manually reducing the time spent on the screen. 

Place Your Devices in Another Room

It is essential to encourage them to move their devices from the study area and place them in another room. Devices include their phone, laptop, iPad, and any device from which they can choose technology over typing. It is essential because it eliminates the temptation to distract their devices and interrupt their studies without a screen. Sometimes it helps to leave the device with a friend or family member to ensure they are not in use. It is good if the study and sleeping areas are separate. Telephones and laptops in another area of ​​their study may hinder bedtime and in-depth study. Night (inefficient). The time right before bed should use to wind down and relax, without technology and blue light. 

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