Six Reasons for Choosing Remote Proctoring

Why Proctoring?

Whether face-to-face or online, the remote proctoring job is to make sure the person is test properly. Who they say they are and that the rules that apply to the test are follows. The study showed that online exams, both in class, increase the chances of error if the exam is not check.

Online proctoring can take place on most devices with an internet connection, camera, and microphone. The student’s identity can be verified using a webcam, similar to an actual testing center. Similarly, an online proctor will observe the environment through their webcam. It will check the use of unauthorized devices, another detected person, or another.

The growing prevalence of digital testing raises the issue of remote proctoring. This blog post presents five reasons why teachers opt for remote monitoring.

Reasons to Choose Remote Proctoring

Place Separately

Remote proctoring can implement in various situations. Digital test rooms, reading rooms where students use their laptops, computer labs, and student computers. Only in areas specially design for the digital test can the safety of the test be 100% guarantee. Other options require a remote control. Students who are having difficulties completing proctored exams can look to pay someone to take my online proctored exam.

Many Options

Proctoring system offers the following options:

  • 360 ° audio and video surveillance (with webcam and mobile phone camera)
  • screenshot technology
  • live proctoring during rehearsals (supervisors look at images that live remotely and warn if communication or fraud occurs)
  • test videos

Teachers can decide whether to use all options or choose only one or two, depending on the specific situation of digital assessment. 


We use distance proctoring for students. Evaluation showed that most students felt good in the presence of a remote supervisor during the exams. 55% of students even preferred this method of exam testing. The reasons include ease of using her laptop and the peace of her home without rushing to university for exams. 

More options

Broader options on offer include, for example, students who cannot go to university to pass exams, professional athletes, or students with a mental illness while working abroad. Or who needs more time to complete the exam.

Allowing these groups of students to complete the digital exam in their own time can be more relaxed. It gives teachers more freedom. Remote proctoring also offers the ability to set up an open-book digital exam. It allows students to communicate during the practice exam, but without access to Google.

Remote Proctoring Prevents and Deters Cheating

One of the benefits of online proctoring is that these services deal with academic dishonesty in a variety of ways. It uses common features and the selection of more advanced features.

  • proctored testing features to prevent cheating
  • ID verification
  • Video monitoring and sound detection
  • Browser blocking software
  • Site and application URLs are allow

Other online proctoring services go beyond the usual online proctoring methods with advanced features such as:

  • Phone detection: Almost all students have access to a mobile phone as a secondary device. This proctoring technology can detect attempts to use mobile phones and other devices.

  • Live Pop-In: This proctoring feature combines the benefits of AI proctoring and live proctoring. Live Pop-In uses AI proctoring software to track students during an online exam. It asks a live proctor remotely to attend a student’s exam session in real-time. If it detects possible dishonesty on campus. The goal of the combination of AI proctoring and live after proctoring is to provide students with less intimidating and non-invasive testing.

  • Test Content Protection: It is frustrating for teachers to find their test questions on unauthorized websites. This proctoring feature searches the Internet for unauthorized sharing of test questions. Other proctoring solutions will also send you a DMCA removal report to request that the test content is remove.

  • Meaningful voice detection: Sound detection and monitoring are common testing features but often lead to many fake flags. Significant Voice Detection listens to specific keywords or phrases such as “Hey Siri” or “OK ​​Google” to identify students. Who is experiencing academic dishonesty reminds the live proctor remotely in real-time to enter an online test session? And assist in recommending students. This feature saves teachers time by reducing the number of fake flags to display. It allows students to read aloud questions that should not highlight.

As Safe as a Pen and Paper Exam

We are currently testing the security and privacy procurement system, and several issues emerge that should address. The system is secure and guarantees students’ privacy. This system makes it very difficult for students to cheat – probably more than in pen and paper exams.

Remote proctoring is often associate with distance learning. And these two go well together. A proctored exam is a supervised test. Students misunderstand the proctored exam, and therefore they miss their exams. It is not good for their grades. Many online platforms provide services for students. Students can pay someone to take my proctored exam. Our qualified tutors will help you. You would get 24×7 services.

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