How to write a Telecommuting Agreement: basic principles

Millions of employees of European and American companies do up to 50% of their work from home by having a computer with Internet access. If you have a flexible schedule, it is recommended that you sign an agreement with your employer. It is better to use the Telecommuting Agreement template, which contains all the important points. Proper drafting of the text is a demonstration of the possibility to work independently.

What elements does the Telecommuting Agreement template contain 

Telecommuting Contract sample shows what a text with a short cover letter looks like. It is similar to a commercial proposal. Several people can read the document. They need to be convince that the applicant is a suitable candidate for remote work. Potential benefits to the company should also be indicated.

If part-time employment is plan, you need to write about it. The introduction should be brief. Detailed information (qualifications, experience, work experience) is publish in the following sections. The basic elements include six ones.

  1. Responsibilities ( every day, every week, every month). With a flexible schedule, the distinction is made between what is specifically done at home and in the office. 
  2. Hours of work. The item is important if the job seeker chooses to work part-time. A person can use time when the office is not working. 
  3. Technology. A device (computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone) is chosen. It is desirable to give information about the software needed.
  4. Cost/Logistics. The costs of communication facilities (phone and internet) are described. Information about free or inexpensive software is also publish. The section spells out who is responsible for overhead costs.
  5. Communication (with colleagues, supervisor, clients). Telephone, text messages, e-mail can be used. Regular conferences are also possible. 
  6. Reporting. The order in which the remote work plan is reviewed is specified. For example, an instruction to meet with the supervisor every 3-6 months. 

The details of the work should be explained. It is better to use paragraphs that will make the document easier to read. A different font is most often used to write titles. 

Advantages of using the Telecommuting Contract sample

When using the sample, all important dates are filled in (without omissions). Recommendations are given on how to write the text on your own. Thanks to this, you can avoid spending money on legal fees. Other benefits for the employer can also be indicated. For example, how remote work is better than personal presence in the office. The important points are the following:

  • efficiency;
  • saving money;
  • ease of coordination. 

The employer has the opportunity to involve employees who live in different cities and time zones. Each of them has the right to choose working hours at their own discretion. The business owner will be able to hire competent employees with the right experience and level of education. There are advantages that the job seeker gets. For example, remote employment is combine with taking care of a young child. In this case, work responsibilities will not overlap with family responsibilities. 

When working with an agreement, you can use the Pandadoc program, which allows you to put an electronic signature on the document. This is a platform for expediting transactions. The proposal is created using customizable templates with its own corporate identity. The text of the contract is stored in the cloud. If desired, it can be modified before being sent to another employer. 

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