college party: Tips to help you plan the perfect party

The planning and organization of college parties require special attention. Adapting to a college’s patterns with online tools is a good way to adapt to their needs. Over the last 10 years, we have supported organizers of college parties with our online ticketing platform and we have maintained their best practices. Below is a guide to organizing college party that you’ll enjoy.

Let’s start with the 3 basics

These three requirements are essential for the success of a college party: funding, venue, and ideas. To stand out from the other college parties and attract enough people, you have to decide on a theme before you start planning. It is the same with your budget. Even if your party is profitable, you’ll need some cash flow to cover expenses. You could ask your school – or other organisations – for some funding to start, or you could forecast a budget in advance so that you are self-sufficient after the first party. Radio stations could also be a good source of funding. If you don’t have a place to host a party, how are you going to organise one? Our list of unique venues includes some tips and criteria for finding the right venue.

Pre-sales and sales of tickets

Having arranged all the above elements, the next step is to consider marketing and ticket sales. For college dorm party, pre-sale tickets are necessary. Basically, colleges who book tickets in advance are eligible for a discount.

It is easy to set up and schedule early bird tickets with an online ticketing platform. We have more information in our article about this. colleges can download the tickets on their phones and print them only if necessary, as they do not have to print them.

Use social media to share

Creating a Facebook event for a college party that is only open to your school’s colleges is all you have to do. Your event will include a link to your Weezevent minisite, which you will post on your school’s Facebook college group page, according to Weezevent. It would be helpful if acquaintances posted your Facebook event on the college groups of their school if it was open to the public. colleges in your town can also post it on their Facebook pages.

Through a contest, a few tickets can be given away as a marketing technique. It is essential that everyone participating in the competition likes and/or shares a post about your event in order to get exposure.

When it comes to marketing campaigns, Instagram is one of your best allies. There are hundreds of colleges who have thousands of Instagram followers. You can offer them one or more free tickets to your party in exchange for them posting a story promoting your event. You can expect your campaign to be profitable if your target community follows their recommendations.

Compile information about each college

You can use social media to increase event exposure, but you won’t be able to retain your attendees. If you hold several parties over the course of the year, you have the option of collecting attendees’ email addresses and can re-engage them with marketing campaigns if you use an online ticketing platform. If the party is “18 and up”, you can ask for their ID on a custom registration form.

Personalize your etickets

Your logo makes you proud and you would like to display its colours in any way possible? With our user-friendly tool, you can easily customise your tickets. In addition, the colleges will remember you better if you have your logo visible on their tickets, which also shows that you are a serious organisation.

Create posters and display them

You can display posters in schools, bars, and sports clubs. colleges’ parties may be at risk from this communication and marketing tool, but not most events.

It is best to ask the most talented colleges at your school to design your poster, as the more appealing it is, the greater the expectation of your party. colleges will be impatient to go to the party if they regularly see your poster during the day.

Keeping print costs in mind is important. Check with your school to see if it offers large format printing. You may save some money this way!
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Make plans for drinks

You may think it’s easy to manage drinks at an event, but it’s not. It may be up to you to plan drinks at the location, including ordering, delivery, price, deposits, amount, and so on. Over ordering will cost you some of your budget without bringing any benefits. Ordering too little will cause colleges to be unhappy. Consider these factors carefully.

In most cases, drink vouchers are included in the pre-sales of college parties, which adds another task for the event planner. Preparation is the key to avoiding last-minute panics. Drink soft drinks, alcohol, and water in alternate amounts. It’s no secret that an accident is likely to happen at any time, and that offering water – as well as soft drinks – for free greatly reduces the possibility of accidents happening.

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