Staircase Guest Blogging Strategy you Should Follow

You might have heard about the staircase strategy that everyone is talking about. It is all about the guest blogging strategy that is ensuring organic links, traffic, and promotion that you will not find anywhere. The main reason why this strategy is so different is that it promotes high-quality content on different platforms. The staircase shows the steps of writing for the platform using this specially designed manner. 

Guest posting is known for its results that are under budget and in the given time. There are multiple things that you will be doing in a step-by-step manner that will lead you to results. Like firstly, making a blog is very important. We will get into the details later but you need to make sure that the content is top-notch. You will only be able to raise the bar if you are creative. Original and informative content has its way of getting you success. 

The guest blogging strategy will allow you to penetrate and reach customers apart from the target as well. You do not have to pay more or spend time just marketing. It will be a journey to success that will get you more leads than ever. 

Steps to follow for staircase strategy:

Start a top-quality blog:

It is not about writing the article but also the way you are presenting it to the readers. We are not just talking about the multimedia but the overall user-friendly experience they should enjoy. Believe it or not, your web design is very important that will attract the users. Otherwise, if it is way too hard for them and they can’t reach a specific page, they will leave the website. You should have a website that shows your professionalism and dedication to the people. 

Start the content and remember the benefit of quality:

Before you start the content you need to have some top-pitch ideas that are related to the same industry. Start with the news and trends that are going on in the market. You can even hire SEO services to get the keywords that are most typed on the search engine. From that, you will know what your audience seeks. 

You can start by checking out the top blogs and try to find that how their content is on the top all the time. Our emphasis is always on the quality of the content when it comes to the staircase strategy. 

Find your platform for guest blogging:

There are so many platforms related to multi-niches and your target one that are accepting guest posts. However, they have certain criteria that you must follow. You should put a lot of time into this step because research is very important. You will be relieved to know that there are professional guest posting services as well that help you in the whole process. 

Otherwise, you can start your research on GOOGLE and look for the same industries with the relevant niche. Most of the pages that will appear will have been written for us written as these websites are accepting posts. For better guidance, many blogs and websites have made pages related to guest posting and the terms and conditions for it.

Always check the traffic and domain rating:

The research does not end here because you should know the domain rating of the website. Moreover, the traffic score is one of the most important factors here. The goal is to post on sites that are on the top of the search engine. So, if you are seeing not a remarkable position of the site on the search engine, you should look for more. 

We can understand that it could be difficult for you to get your content published by the top leaders of your industry. But you can by making sure that the content is of high quality and very informative. There should not be way too many links that can make a bad impression on the editor’s site. You should include a lot of multimedia as well according to the topic. 

Now, the template or the pitch you are sending is very important. For landing the biggest guest posting opportunities, you need to make sure that you are making a good impression. For that, you can check out the examples online as well or you can hire a professional service for that. Your pitch should include the ideas of the topic and the long-term commitment you want to start. It would be best if you can send some of your samples as well. 

Get published:

As soon as you get the green signal, get yourself published. Now make sure that you are adding your bio and the link to your page should not be more than 2 times. It is perfect for the new rules of the search engine as well. Make sure that you are also following all the SEO rules that will help you to rank.

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