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How To Find Which Roof Rack Fits Your Car?

Maybe the weather is ideal for an unconnected weekend in the mountains, or you’ve arranged a cross-country trip to see pals. In any case, you’ve got a lot of stuff to move and not a lot of vehicle space. You want to pack your rooftop for a hassle-free ride rather than hooking up a trailer or unloading a hitch-mounted carrier. Lightweight things that are too big to fit in your trunk but not big enough to warrant pulling behind in a trailer, like bikes, baggage, and similar products, are excellent methods for roof cargo transportation.

What Are the Different Roof Rack Types Available?

What you want to haul and the style you want to achieve are the two most important factors to remember when selecting a roof rack sydney. It should also correspond to the sort of vehicle you’re driving. SUVs, trucks, and utility vehicles can often handle bulkier loads, whereas sedans and hatchbacks are better suited to lighter loads, such as camping gear or sporting equipment.

Decide What You’d Like To Transport

What type of roof rack is appropriate for your needs will be determined by the objects you want to place on your roof.

Cargo boxes and baskets can hold luggage and little goods, while specifically built racks for bicycles, kayaks, and paddle boards securely keep leisure items up and out of the way while driving.

Roof Rack

Picking The Appropriate Method For Attaching A Roof Rack To Your Vehicle

While this may appear to be the most challenging aspect of choosing a roof rack, it is simple. Why? The style of the roof determines how you attach your rack.

Raised Rails

Raised rails are the simplest of the several factory mounting locations. If you can fit the rack mounting element around the original one, you won’t require a separate mounting part.

Flush Rails

Flush rails have rapidly become a popular roof option on newly produced vehicles. Many manufacturers incorporate them practically every trim level because of their modest appearance and enhanced usage. It is advantageous because many flush rail solutions employ similar mounting mechanisms as fixed points, making them far more universal.

Fixed Mounting Points

Don’t worry if the vehicle doesn’t come with factory rails; there are still ways to add some of it to the roof. Some automobiles (notably BMW, Volkswagen, and Mazda) have factory-installed mounting points. These are frequently covered by small trap doors on your rooftop, and you can mount racks directly to them.

If possible, this is usually always the best choice, and it can even spare you money compared to other possibilities. Before making final decisions, check the instructions to guarantee a correct fit.

Nothing But a Bare Roof

If your vehicle’s roof is completely bare, you’ll have to select between two installation alternatives. You can use a solution that clips into the door gaps or securely mount a rack like a factory mount.

Bare Roof

Clip System Racks

This choice will provide you with a sturdy roof rack you can uninstall or leave on virtually eternally, thanks to particular mounts developed for most cars.

The towers rest on the car’s roof, and the vehicle-specific hooks slot snuggly into your door using this rack. No matter how badly the rain falls, this rack can handle all the roof rack attachments and never spill.

Examine Your Vehicle’s Present Roof Configuration

You’ll need to know how your vehicle’s roof looks right now to make sure you have all you need to transfer your chosen products. Certain cars may have roof cross bars without side rails. It is uncommon in most regular vehicles and could reduce the overall roof weight capacity.

Measure Crossbars

Mounting and removing the hitch-mounted cargo carrier might be inconvenient, especially if you have to remove it to get into a parking spot or garage. Know how often you’ll use it because you can utilize an attachment like a folding hitch adaptor to wrap the carrier against your car when not in use.

Calculate The Total Weight Of All Of Your Heaviest Objects

If you wish to carry two heavy motorcycles in a cargo box and a month’s worth of items and supplies, be sure the total weight is below the vehicle’s weight limit capacity. It may be necessary to plan ahead of time, especially if you intend to transport different products, to ensure you don’t overload the vehicle. Your stuff will go in the back, but the three bikes may be okay.

Find Out How Much Weight The Car’s Roof Can Hold

Your rooftop can only take a certain amount of weight, mainly if your vehicle also features a moonroof, and cross bars usually have their load ratings. The size of your rack and cargo carrier can be discovered in the vehicle’s instruction handbook or online if you don’t have one. Many racks are manufactured from heavy elements like steel, but don’t let them take your strength.


You can install roof racks on most automobiles with sunroofs. However, it is always the best idea to read the manual and instructions for your car before purchasing to verify compatibility. One thing to consider is whether you’ll be able to open the sunroof while the rooftop racks are in place.

You’ll be able to select the best roof rack for your next major trip if you have a solid understanding of the amount of all your stuff, the weight limit your car can hold, and the appropriate roof setup you require for your vehicle.

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