Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman 30th Anniversary And Google’s Tribute To It

Pacman 30th Anniversary- The Pacman 30th Anniversary game that made its way into people’s hearts in the 1980s & is still going strong, deserved a warm celebration on its 30th anniversary. And Google made sure to pay a heartfelt tribute to Pacman 30th Anniversary. Yes, talking about none other than the Pacman 30th Anniversary! The Pacman 30th Anniversary came out in Japan on 21st May 1980 and became incredibly popular in no time.

Pacman 30th Anniversary- Pacman was developed by a Japanese video game company, Namco. The lead creator of the game was Iwatani Tohru. By the month of October, the game was released in the U.S. with its huge success, the game became an all-time favorite of not just children but adults as well. In this article we will discuss in detail about Pacman 30th Anniversary.

Pacman 30th Anniversary

Pacman 30th Anniversary and how to Play

Pacman is really simple to play, but definitely not easy! You might think how can something be simple yet difficult? Well, see for yourself.

You control the tiny pizza-shaped ( with one piece missing ) character, that’s called Pacman as it moves through a maze, eating dots. But here comes the real deal, there are four ghosts roaming around the maze named Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde. If Pacman collides with any of the ghosts, he gets eaten up real quick.

However,  If Pacman eats the large dots, which are called “power pallets” the ghosts will instantly turn blue. Then Pacman 30th Anniversary can gobble them for some bonus points and they will be returned to a board placed in the center of the maze.

You only get three lives. The Pacman 30th Anniversary game is difficult because all four ghosts try to attack you from different angles. Beware, the Pacman game is really addictive. Because who doesn’t like to win? So people usually keep trying to beat the ghosts, till they give up.

Pacman 30th Anniversary in Detail

Isn’t it incredible that a game that was launched a long time ago, is still being played and enjoyed? The legacy of the Pacman continues. Pacman 30th anniversary was celebrated on 21st May, in 2010.

Pacman is the most long-lived and popular game in the world. I wonder if there’s anyone out there who has never played Pacman. On Pacman 30th anniversary the game was given a well-deserved homage.

Pacman 30th Anniversary in detail

We live in a very fast-paced world, where everything is replaced by something better from time to time. To maintain a name in the gaming industry is nearly impossible because every other day a new game is being released on play stores. But Pacman continued to rule the gaming industry.

Even though Pacman 30th anniversary has been celebrated which might make you think that the game’s about to retire but Nah! With over 100 million + downloads on the google play store, the game is still being played. The only difference is that people play it on smartphones now.

Pacman 30th Anniversary and How did Google Celebrate

Even Google celebrated Pacman 30th anniversary. Google is renowned for praising smaller things that are important for us to remember. For example, celebrating women’s day or labor day by changing its main logo or redesigning it to add a glimpse of whatever deserves to be celebrated.

On the Pacman 30th anniversary, the Google logo was designed in a way that a Pacman doodle was created on the search screen. And not just that, Google made sure to give all the nostalgic feelings by actually making it playable. Yes! You could play the game on your search screen.

How Did Google Celebrate Pacman 30th Anniversary

The maze spells out “Google” if you see it thoroughly. This was the doodle google created to pay tribute to Pacman 30th anniversary. Because the game has come such a long way since its small beginnings.

Pacman 30th Anniversary and Different Variations Of Pacman

Ever since the game came into being and after its 30 years of existence, the game has had many variations and versions. New levels with different obstacles were continuously being developed. But on Pacman 30th anniversary, Google celebrated the very first and oldest version of Pacman.

The Pacman Championship Edition 2 Plus!

The Pacman championship edition came soon after the Pacman 30th anniversary in 2016. This was a multiplayer version. If one player is eaten by a ghost, the other teammate can come to help. This version was only available to be played on Nintendo video games. 3D graphics, with high resolution this game, was exclusively developed so people could enjoy playing Pacman with friends and family.

The Pacman Championship Edition 2 Plus

MS. Pacman Version

Another famous version of Pacman was the Ms. Pacman version. It is not really different from Pacman but with the addition of lipstick and a red hairband this game can be seen as the female version of Pacman.

Ms.Pacman was released in 1982, soon after the spread of the original Pacman. The only reason that there were many sequels being made on the Pacman was because of its huge success and enormous popularity.

Super Pacman 30th Anniversary

Super Pacman 30th Anniversary, is another version of Pacman but with a bit of a twist this time. In the super Pacman, the Pacman has to eat keys, which will open the doors of the maze and the Pacman will eat the fruits then. The super Pacman was released in 1982.

Sounds interesting right? This is one of the most difficult versions of the Pacman sequel. If Pacman the power pallets in this mood, it will grow larger in size and move with high speed. Pacman would be able to unlock the door of the maize instantly without a key. But the effect of the power pallet only stays for a few moments.

Super Pacman

Pacman 30th Anniversary and Pac-Mania

 Pac-Mania is another variation in the series of Pacman. The main difference between Pac mania and the original pacman is that in Pac-Mania you get to jump over the ghosts. In later levels, two new ghosts are there in the game and they also have the ability to jump over the Pacman.

Pac-Mania was released in 1987. Way before Pacman 30th anniversary. Pacman 30th anniversary deserved the grand celebrations it was given because of the amount of versions in the game sequel, that kept the fun going for so long.


Pacman World

Here comes my favorite version of Pacman! The most different version of Pacman from the original Pacman was Pacman world.

In the Pacman world, the Pacman 30th Anniversary has to rescue his friends from ghosts that are prisoners of ghosts. The Pacman has to eat all the energy pallets from 6 different worlds.

To open the next world, the Pacman must eat all the energy pellets. In the final levels of each world, the Pacman has to defeat a huge boss to clear the level. The different worlds have different themes like graveyards, outer space, mines, factories, and pirate ships.

There are more versions in the sequel of Pacman, like hello Pacman! (1994), pac pix (2009), pac in time (1995), professor Pac man (1984), baby Pac man (1983), & Pac land (1984), etc. to keep the game interesting and successful in the long run, the developers came up with different ideas from time to time.

Pacman 30th Anniversary Conclusion

On the incredible moment of Pacman 30th anniversary, google made sure to remind people to recognize Pacman as one of the most played games. Pacman 30th anniversary doodle on the google page was justified because of how famous Pacman really is. All the amazing versions of the game make it more interesting to play. The developers made sure that the player would never get bored of playing Pacman. And that’s why 30 years later it’s still being liked.

Pacman 30th Anniversary FAQS

Q1. When was pacman 30th anniversary?

The Pacman 30th anniversary was on 21st May 2010.

Q2. Who made the game Pacman?

The game was developed by a company named Namco, and the creator was Iwatani Tohru.

Q3. When was Pacman developed? And in which year did it celebrate its 30th anniversary?

The game was developed in 1980. And Pacman 30th anniversary was in 2010.

Q4. Was the Pacman game a success?

Pacman won many people’s hearts and became a sensational game in no time. People still enjoy playing Pacman even after pacmans 30th anniversary.

Q5. Are there any more versions of Pacman?

Yes! The Pacman sequel has many variations. Most of them were released by Namco itself. Few other versions have been created by underdog companies.

Q6. What did Google do to celebrate Pacman 30th anniversary?

On Pacman 30th Anniversary, Google changed its logo to create a Pacman maze like a doodle. Google pays homage to all the things that are important.

Q7. Why did Google pay a tribute to Pacman 30th Anniversary?

Gaming is a very rapid-paced industry, not many games are able to make their name shine for years as Pacman did. So on Pacman 30th anniversary, google made a playable Pacman doodle on their homepage.

Q8. Why is pacman so popular?

Pacman is popular because of its age. The game is older than most of us. Pacman is 42 years old right now but still known.

Q9. Is pacman difficult to play?

Pacman is not difficult to play, It just needs a bit of strategic mindset to crack the winning code.

Q10. What age of people like Pacman the most?

Pacman is liked and played by people of all ages. With nearly 100 million + downloads on play stores, Pacman has made its way into smartphone gaming as well.

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