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Tutflix is one of the online platforms that is providing standard courses online. You can learn many courses while sitting at home. Online platforms Like tutflix education are very easy and convenient. You can always learn on these online websites in your comfort. Tutflix online education website has many different courses. You can choose one of your own choices.

In the current era, there is high scope of short courses that you can avail through different platforms like tutflix and learn different things. These courses will help you a lot in your daily life, in doing side jobs, freelancing, etc. Everyone wants to learn these courses in their comfort zone. To make it possible, many websites are designed. One of these websites is tutflix.


Tutflix Online Education Community

Tutflix is an online education community. This community helps users to learn courses of their choice from the teacher they want to learn. This portal Tutflix provides a wide range of courses, you can select the course of your interest. Moreover, you can also choose your teacher from whom you want to learn the course.

Tutflix word is a combination of two small words that are tut and flix. Tut means tutorial and flix means videos. The inclusion of flix is because courses offered by Tutflix contain videos as well. Almost all their courses contain videos with lessons. These videos are very helpful to learn more about the topic and to get maximum information related to the topic. This tutflix education site is the most advanced, it has many new features.


Tutflix forums include the following

1. User guide and rules:

Before registering on Tutflix, you need to read all rules and guidelines to know more of its features and how to use it.

2. General discussion:

General discussions include interactive discussions in which users answer each other’s questions. Members write something about the query that they know.

3. Giveaways:

Giveaways include free materials.

4. Feedback and suggestions:

Feedback and suggestion forum is designed to facilitate users to suggest ways to improve the platform. Here users can give feedback on their experience with this portal.

5. Udemy coupon zone:

Udemy coupon zone is the option where you have to scan your coupon to get access to courses.


Tutflix offers a wide range of courses.

Tutflix Education Courses are divided into 11 categories;

Tutflix Education courses

1. Tutflix Development Course

This category offers many development courses such as;

Web development.

Mobile development.

Programming languages.

Software testing.


Software engineering.

2. Tutflix IT and software

Tutflix IT category is very common as most people want to learn IT courses due to rising technology and scope. These include;

IT Certification.

Operating system.

Network and security.


Other software.

3. Tutflix Health and fitness

Tutflix Health and fitness courses are helpful as these courses are for your benefit and health. These are;




Mental health



4. Tutflix Design

Design courses of Tutflix are helpful for the ones who are interested in doing freelancing jobs. The Design courses include the following;

Graphic designs

Game designs

Design packs.

Web design

Video editing/ filming.


3D and Animation.

5. Tutflix Business Course:

Business courses include a lot of courses. These courses can be useful for the ones starting their new business. This category has many members. This category includes the following;








Data and Analysis.

6. Marketing course by Tutflix:

Tutflix Marketing courses include the following;

Digital marketing

Social media marketing

Search engine optimization


Affiliate marketing


Email marketing.

CPA Marketing.

7. Office productivity

Office productivity course is very important to learn basic techniques and tools. These include;



Productivity tools.

8. Lifestyle

Lifestyle courses include very interesting courses that will help you explore your talents. The courses of Lifestyle are;

Arts and craft.

Beauty and Makeup

Film and TV.

Photography and videography

9. Personal development

Personal development courses are important for exploring yourself and being successful in life. The courses of Personal development are following;

Career development.

Personal transformation.

Personal finance.



Parenting and relationships.

10. Teaching and Academics

Teaching and academic courses are for teachers and others who want to establish their careers in the teaching field. These are;




Social science.

Online education.

Test preparation.


Course creation.


11. Music

This category is best for those who have an interest in singing and want more perfection. Music courses are following;



Music fundamentals.

Music software.


More about Tutflix courses and why to choose

As you can see, Tutflix portal offers all the courses, not only related to studies but also about lifestyle. Through this platform, you can groom your talent. Many hidden talents in us need to be polished. We often don’t know how much we are capable of doing something. We need to groom ourselves and identify what is best in us. People be lazy about going out to do such courses as art, craft, music, etc. And they ignore their interests in the daily hustle. This platform has made the life of such people easier by introducing them to all the courses of their interest on a single platform. This platform is completely online. You can learn anything on your laptops or your smartphones.

One best thing about Tutflix education app is it is compatible with both android and IOS. There are some unnoticed issues of our societies that need to be focused on. We need to solve these issues by improving our lifestyle and personal development. Some personal development courses are offered on this website. These include personal transformation, leadership, productivity, career development, parenting, and relationships.

Everything you need to about Tutflix

Tutflix Personal transformation courses are very important. These courses help bring out the best in us. These are counselling courses and motivational. If you are being less productive, lazy, don’t know what to do next. Then you can avail the productivity courses offered by this platform. This course will help you become productive, organized, and focused on your task. Not only this, but this course will also help you in learning time management. Time management is a serious issue in today’s world. If you will be the best at managing your time, then you can be successful in a short time.

If you are a parent and looking for parenting courses then do check parenting courses. Parenting courses will help you in raising polite and successful children. experts conduct these courses. they will tell you new strategies on how to train your child and how to deal with your children’s problems.

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Tutflix Group Buy System:

Group buys system in Tutflix is that in which a group of 5 to 10 people collectively buy a course. The amount of the course will be paid by all in collective partnership. Group buys system will help you in buying expensive courses. if you want to learn a particular course but you can’t purchase It because it is expensive then you should go for a group buy.

Q. How to participate in the group buy?

It is very easy to be a part of a group buy. You just have to comment “I am in” below that course and you will be considered as a participant. In case, you want to withdraw then comment “I am Out” in the comment section where you typed “I am in”. but make sure to withdraw before the process of collection of money starts. Once the collection of money starts, there is no option of backing off.

Reasons for choosing Tutflix online learning platform.

There are various reasons for choosing this platform. Some of them are;

1. Tutflix is free of cost. You can download it easily on your smartphones or laptops. It is available for both android and IOS.

2. Anyone can use this application, whether you are a student, teacher, employer, or housewife. You can use this app and can learn the courses of your interest at your feasibility.

3. You can learn courses from this platform and can update your resume. This will surely help you in getting a good job.

4. Students who want to learn new languages, can learn from this online education platform.

5. This platform offers both; free and paid versions. If you want to learn for free, then you can choose Tutflix free. But if you want to learn more advanced courses, then you should use paid version.

6. Tutflix also provides videos with courses. it has many tutorial videos on its website.

7. Not only education-based courses but this portal also offers development-based courses. personal transformation course will help you improve yourself. This course will help you in dealing with daily problems and healing yourself.

Benefits of Tutflix community:

Tutflix platform is proved to be very beneficial for students, employers and others. Users are much satisfied with this application and they have shared good reviews.

1. To gain knowledge:

This application helps the users to get maximum knowledge about a single subject while sitting at home.

2. High ranking:

This application is worldwide acceptable. It is one of the highest-ranked sites on the internet.

3. Variety of Courses:

Tutlfix offers a variety of courses. If you want to learn more than one course, this application will give you various options.

4. Used by everyone:

There is no age limit to use this application. Everyone can use this application and learn from here. Kids can also use this application and learn basic skills.

5. Helps to learn new languages.

You can improve your grammar from courses that are offered by Tutflix.

6. Customer support:

 This platform guides its customers in every step. If you have any problem or queries then you can click on the ‘contact us’ option given on their website and can submit your queries there.

7. Protection of your data:

Tutflix website protects your private information like your email address, name, passwords, and IP address. If they make any changes to their privacy policy, they will ask you to review that. Furthermore, their website is protected by “captcha”.

Steps of registering on Tutflix:

It is very easy to register on Tutflix. You can register yourself by following the below-mentioned steps;

1. First of all, you need to go to tutflix.org to get registered.

2. All you have to do is to click on the register option given in the middle of the page.

3. Then enter your username and email address in the registration details.

4. Then you have to set a password.

5. Then choose your country.

6. Read all the terms and conditions before clicking on the register button.

Tutflix is not just an education site, but it is an educational community. You can post your queries on this platform and discuss something. This site offers a lot of courses, not just common courses but all the courses that most people want to learn but they did not find any platform. This platform also provides tutorial videos related to studies. Moreover, you can also save videos and lectures from this website and can learn later.

How to Earn from Tutflix

Tutflix education platform is not only for learning but you can also earn from this website. The question is now how to make money from this platform?

To earn from this platform, you have to become its member first. Then you can create your course on any subject on that portal. As people will open your course and learn from your course, you will earn.

Tutflix Conclusion:

Tutflix is an interactive community that lets its members learn through videos, discussions, and study materials. You do not have to buy a laptop to get access to this online learning community. You can also download its application on your smartphone. It can be downloaded from both the Google play store and the app store. Tutflix will help you to understand the topic in-depth and it will help you to polish your skills. This website is very convenient to operate.

Not only this but this learning system provides lessons in many languages. For example, if you don’t know English, you can get lectures in other languages too. Also, this site guarantees high privacy. It ensures its customers of protection of their personal information. So, you don’t have to worry while using this site. Tutflix gathers all the information related to the course from different websites. Then include this information in the courses. This information is 100% authentic and definitive.

Alternative sites of Tutflix

Its alternatives include;




















Tutflix Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I download Tutflix on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can easily download it on your smartphone. Whether you are an android user or an iPhone user, you can download it for free. It is accessible on both google play store and IOS.

2. Who answers the queries in Tutflix?

When someone posts their queries and questions on this website, these questions are answered by experts. Also, other members answer the queries and discuss them with each other.

 3. How can I contact the customer support team for any problem?

Their customer support team is available all time. You can complain by clicking on the ‘contact us’ option at the bottom of the page on the right side. you just have to fill in the information like your name, email address, and the complaint. As soon as they will read the complaint, they will get back to you.

4. What are the prices of the courses?

There are different courses. some courses are free of cost. You can get lessons and watch the tutorial video without paying a single penny. But, if you want to learn further advanced courses, you may then need to pay some amount. As some of their courses have fees.

5. Can I download lessons or videos from Tutflix site?

Yes, for sure you can download the lessons and videos of your courses and watch them later. This feature of this site is the best. This enables their users to watch the videos any time they want and open the lectures whenever they want.

6. I want to learn time management. Which course is suitable for me?

Productivity course teaches time management as well. this is a rounder course, which will help you to be more productive.

7. What is Group buy system of Tutflix?

Group buy system is that in which a group purchases a single course by doing partnership. Since it is a group purchase, therefore you also have to pay less for the course.

8. What is the meaning of Tutflix?

Tut means tutorial and flix means videos

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