Salon Ready Nails: 5 Ideas for Your Next Visit

Picking the right manicure demands more than nail polish color and the shape you need. You also have to consider your lifestyle, occasion, season, the time you are willing to spend in a salon, and most importantly, your budget. With hundreds if not thousands of nail art ideas to try, there is a little bit of something for everyone, from your little daughter at home to your grandma.

Whether you are looking to apply fresh new shades or wear some fancy artistic nails for a design-oriented challenge, these nail art ideas will be an inspiration for your next salon visit. From French manicures to easy do-it-yourself (DIY) manicures, these designs will play with colors and patterns to give you the feeling of what perfect nails should look like.

Plenty of choices, right? Now, summer is on its way. Get to your favorite salon and have your nails done. But wait, if you don’t know some of the best options for your next nail appointment, I got you covered. Here are some of the best nail art ideas you can try on your next visit.

1.  Pretty Pink Nails

There is no doubt that pink nails are classics and can blend with virtually all colors. So, forget about your basic solid pink nails and try some of the cutest pink nail ideas available. From pink nails with black and white flowers to baby pink cloud nail designs, there are myriads of color combinations and design arts you can try.

2.  Press-on Nails Manicure

How good are press-on nail manicures? Well, they are much better than you can remember. If you haven’t tried press-on nails manicure, then it’s time you revisit your choices because times have changed, and the quality and selection of artificial nails have changed for the better. From floral arts to give you that girlish look to solid colors, you will find numerous sets of pre-painted nail lengths varying from short to long nails.

Nails Manicure

Depending on the type of adhesive used, press-on nails can last between seven hours to two weeks. If you a looking to wear them only for a night, the adhesive tabs would be your best choice. But if you want them to last longer than two weeks, use nail glue. They will help your press-on nails to adhere better.

Can you reuse press-on nails? Oh yes! With the good quality, you can pop them out and reuse them later as long as they are in good condition and were removed carefully.

3.  Black Nails + star Constellation

Who said black nail designs are just for Halloween? You can try black manicures to make a bold or professional statement. While black color is deemed dull, the continuous creativity in the beauty industry is producing rocking intricate black nail designs that are changing the manicure landscape.

Of course, you can try a myriad of black nail arts, but if you are running out of options, you can try black nails plus star constellation. The Star constellation nail is gaining popularity, and for a good reason. Beauty and symbolism. It symbolizes our galaxy, which represents hopes and dreams. That said and done, if you are looking for a streamlined and striking appearance, opt for black nails plus stars constellation.

4.  Gel Nail Extensions

Are you wondering what gel nail extensions are? These are pre-made nail extensions that resemble glue-on nails. They are applied using pure gel and cured using LED light. Gel extensions are a game-changer in the beauty industry that you can never miss trying.

Gel Nail Extensions

They come in different shapes, lengths, and curves to fit the natural nail bed. Additionally, they come with different beautiful art designs, so you have a wide range of art designs to pick from. The best part is that they can last up to three weeks or more depending on your hand routines and level of professionalism when fixing them at the salon.

5.  Polygel Manicure

Polygel is a versatile, thick, gel-like solution that combines acrylic powder’s strength and gel nails’ flexibility. Although they sound similar to gel nails, polygels are different from gel nails right from the mode of application to the final result. They are lighter and have a natural feeling on the nails, unlike gel and acrylic nails.

Because they don’t set unless cured under LED, nail artists have plenty of time to sculpt and extend nail length according to your preference. Polygel nails last longer and can take anywhere between three to four weeks before you can remove them.

To Wrap It Up

Nails are integral to your hands and add a statement to your overall look and personality. They offer a polished look and a complete sense of fashion when taken care of. So, if you are looking to enhance your overall look and sense of style, use the above ideas as your guideline on your next visit to the salon. There is no shortage of ideas, colors, and designs in the manicure industry. 

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